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Owner of Everest Hotel Lari and actor Khadgi arrested

By Our Reporter
Owner and chairman Mashkoor Ahamad Lari of the Hotel Everest was arrested last week.
Lari, who was in the most wanted list of the Nepal Police under alleged illegal drug trading business staying here from Nepal to abroad, was arrested by a special police squad in Maharajgunj.
In the name of sending courier goods abroad, Lari had dispatched the contraband from Nepal to Netherland and German. The courier he had sent in Netherland later recovered drugs from the courier box. It was the case of 21 years ago, police said.
According to Police, he was presented to the Kathmandu District Court for further judicial custody.
Two days before his arrest, Lari had won the case registered at the Supreme Court claiming the property and ownership of the Hotel Everest. The hotel was shutdown following April 25 quake of 2015 in Nepal.
Similarly, the police arrested actor Rajendra Khadgi in the case of human trafficking.
He was accused of trafficking 11 Nepalis to South Korea in the name of taking part in a concert.

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