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Oli to become PM by end of February

By Our Reporter
Prime minister in waiting KP Sharma Oli is likely to form his government by the end of February, even if the unification process of the two parties, UML and Maoist Center will be delayed, say sources.
A highly placed source in the UML said, “Oli is going to be the new PM, however, the unification process can be delayed”.
In several rounds of one-on-one meetings between Oli and Maoist Center chairman Pushpakamal Dahal “Prachanda”, both the leaders have agreed to form the left alliance government by the end of February and as Dahal himself has proposed Oli’s name as the new PM, there is no dispute on formation of the government under Oli’s leadership.
The meetings between Oli and Dahal have also agreed to allow President Vidya Bhandari and VP Nandakumar Pun to continue for yet another term, sources have confirmed.
Although, JN Khanal is also eying on the President’s post, his chances are less, said a source.
It has also been agreed for giving the post of parliament speaker to UML and National Assembly (NA) chairman to Maoist Center.
Out of the 7 provinces, it has already been agreed that in No 1, 3, 4 and 5 provinces chief ministers will be from UML and in No 6 and 7 provinces, chief ministers will be from the Maoist Center.
Also it has been agreed to share speaker and deputy speaker’s posts and chairman and vice chairman of the NA by the two parties.
However, who will be the ministers of the provinces and also in the federal government, the supreme leaders have not been able to reach to any conclusion.
On unification of the two parties, UML leaders are divided on handing over the post of executive chairman of the unified party to Dahal. Madhav Nepal, JN Khanal and Bamdev Gautam are ready to accept Dahal as the party chairman, on the other hand, Ishwor Pokhrel, Shankar Pokhrel, Bishnu Poudel, among others are putting pressure on Oli for not handing over the party chairmanship to Dahal earlier than the unification national convention.
Dahal wants the post of executive chairman if Oli will become the prime minister. Finally, Dahal has decided to support Oli to become the PM by keeping under pending the agenda of unification for the time being.

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