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NC’s future

By PR Pradhan

pushpa-columnAfter the shameful defeat in the elections of federal parliaments and House of Representatives, NC leaders are engaged in blaming each other for the unexpected election results. People’s Review had, so far, forecast about the NC’s fate long before the elections that if NC will continue to move forward without ideology, it would become another Praja Parishad, a pioneer party which does not exist at present. Since the NC removed its fundamental agenda of two pillar system, the decline of the party started. When the two major left parties – UML and Maoist Center — developed election alliance, it was predictable that they would become victorious and the country would be ruled by the leftists for years. Presently, the left leaders are claiming that they are going to give a permanent government by ending the ongoing political instability. They are talking about ruling the country for at least 20 years. The NC didn’t take this development seriously, as a result, NC has fallen to become the third largest party from the previous status of first being the largest party.
There are no other options left for the NC except from performing the role of a responsible opposition party in the parliament. The fact is that NC, the oldest party in the country, has not been able to form the government not even in a single province. If the present trend will continue, NC will not be able to stop its cadres from joining other political parties. If NC will remain out of power at least for five years, it will be difficult to keep NC as a mass based party. To keep alive and make vibrant the party, first of all the party should make clear its ideological vision. Federalism, secularism and republicanism were not the agendas of the NC, rather, it adopted these Maoist agendas even knowing that these agendas would not benefit the country but will destroy the nation ultimately. Power greedy leader Girija Prasad Koirala, after receiving assurances from the Maoist leaders for becoming the first president of republic Nepal, betrayed the nation and later he was betrayed by the Maoists. Although, NC whallas blame present party president Sher Bahadur Deuba for the defeat, all the blame actually goes to Girija Koirala as he followed the Maoist agendas by making his own party weak.
NC’s founding leader BP Koirala had always denied any alliance with the communist forces as he had assumed that the future of democracy would be finished if it joined hands with the communists. Thus far, BP always pleaded for the two pillar system. However, his younger brother Girija Prasad Koirala gave unnecessary lift to the left parties. Furthermore, he not only removed the fundamental agenda of the party – two pillar system – but developed an alliance with the communist forces through the 12-point agreement. This is the beginning point for the downfall of the NC.
Leftists know better how to attract voters. They can play with populist programmes and remain in power for 20 years easily. Therefore, it is a Herculean task for the NC to make strong the party without change in the present party strategies. Furthermore, if the leftists bag absolute majority, there is the threat of introduction of a totalitarian rule in the country.
Therefore, NC has to be a more responsible party. First of all, NC has to end the mushrooming groupism within the party and gather all the democratic forces under the NC leadership by reintroducing the fundamental principle of two-pillar system. If NC fails to perform a dynamic role, the future of the party will be like the Praja Parishad and will remain in the history only.

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