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Japanese contribution for Nepal’s air space safety

By Our Reporter
image0011992 saw two catastrophic air accidents, in which a Thai Airways plane and a Pakistan International Airlines plane clashed in a very short interval. Responding toastrong desire of the Nepal government that such accidents shall not be repeated, the Japan government, since 1994, has been implementing various projects to improve the safety of Nepal’s air space. These include grant projects, technical cooperation projects and the dispatching of Japanese experts.
Upon the completion of the Tribhuvan International Airport Modernization Project (surveillance system), two cutting-edge radars were installed at Bhattedada and Tribhuvan International Airport. These radars can monitor most of the Nepali skies and also help the controllers gain precise information about the position and identification of aircrafts in flight. Thanks to theseradars, Nepal’s air safety is expected to dramatically improve.
The radar flight inspection having completed in last November, formal operation of these radars will start in February 2018. Prior to the formal operation, the Japaan Embassy, with the cooperation of JICA and CAAN, held a site visit to Bhattedada and Tribhuvan International Airportso that the local media representatives shall deepen their understanding of the aviation-related projects conducted by the Japan government. Approximately thirty mediarepresentatives from twenty five media companies participated in the site visit. Japanese ambassador Masashi Ogawa was also present.
Over the years, the Japan government has been implementing aviation-related projects in partnership with the Nepal government. The Embassy of Japan has stated that it will continue to work to further improve Nepal’s air safety.

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