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UML-Maoist unification process in dilemma

By Our Reporter
KP-Oli-03102017020909-1000x0Although the supreme leaders of UML and Maoist Center have been giving top priority to the UML-Maoist unification of the two left parties, there is no further development in such a unification.
Immediately after KP Sharma Oli’s return from Bangkok, the two supreme leaders held talks but they were unable to find a proper way for unification.
There is no serious dispute on ideology between the unified parties, however, the UML leaders from the Oli camp are not ready to offer the post of executive chairman of the unified party to Pushpakamal Dahal.
On the other hand, according to a Maoist source, the bottom-line of the Maoist Center is that the Maoist should get one post — either executive chairman or prime minister.
Madhav Nepal, JN Khanal and Bamdev Gautam are ready to accept Dahal as the party chairman but the leaders from the Oli camp are arguing for the concept of two chairmen until the unification national convention of both the parties. Under this conception, the UML will constitute unification national convention which will be chaired by Oli and unification national convention of the Maoist will be led by Dahal. And finally the unification convention of both the parties will elect the party chairman, they are saying.
This proposal is not acceptable to Dahal, said a source.
Dahal is saying that he should get the post of executive party chairman until KP Oli will remain prime minister. And when Dahal will become the prime minister after Oli completes two and a half years, at that time, Oli will become the executive party chairman, Dahal is arguing.
Front against Oli:
Why Madhav Nepal, a possible candidate for the post of party chairman, has become ready to accept Dahal as the executive party chairman, it is surprising. According to some sources, Delhi has assured to reward Nepal with the post of prime minister after Oli completes his stipulated term. Therefore, Nepal has given up the interest for becoming party chairman and thus he has become ready to accept Dahal as the executive chairman.
Both Nepal and Dahal are comfortable for Delhi to handle. In this way, Delhi is planning to develop strong anti-Oli front in the unified party, sources inform.
Split in Maoist Center?:
In the meantime, some sections have become active in splitting Maoist Center and merger of the splinter party with UML. They are playing with the number game and when they will manage 40 percent of the central committee members, they will announce split in the Maoist Center. They are also trying to bring Baburam Bhattarai in a group merger in the UML.

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