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NC CWC meeting ends without discussing the poll defeats

By Our Reporter
meeting-16042017075317-1000x0Against the expectations, the meeting of the Central Working Committee of the Nepali Congress concluded without debating on the humiliating defeat of the party in the recent elections.
Instead, party president and Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba intended to suppress the voices of those who challenged his leadership. Still, some influential senior as well as youth leaders rapped him for his incompetency in handling the leadership. Even the leaders who were close to him, dared to criticize him for the defeat of the party in the polls.
When a overwhelming majority of Nepali Congress Central Working Committee (CWC) members, including Prakash Man Singh and Krishna Sitaula came down heavily on party president and Prime Minister Deuba, holding him responsible for the party’s humiliating defeat in the parliamentary and provincial assembly polls, Deuba tried to divert the issue stating that the meeting was called to discuss the National Assembly polls.
Singh even challenged Deuba that the latter could not suppress the voice of the leaders by showing the fear of disciplinary actions against those who challenged Deuba.
In the party’s first CWC meeting held after the parliamentary and provincial assembly polls at the Prime Minister’s Residence in Baluwatar, the CWC members had accused Deuba of running the party without adhering to the party’s statute and failing to give any positive message to the people about the party. The leaders close to the rival factions even demanded dissolving the party’s committee formed against the provisions in the party’s statute.
Senior NC leader Ram Chandra Paudel said that NC has suffered a huge loss after Deuba assumed the party presidency. “Astrologers have said that he will be prime miser for the seventh time but the party has faced only loss after he became the party’s president. The current poll result is the consequence of bad days of the party president. He has to take the responsibility for this,” he said.
Paudel alleged that Deuba did not have even the slightest cue that the second largest and the third largest party were forging an electoral alliance and failed even to prepare a good poll strategy to save the party from the humiliating defeat.
NC youth leader Pradip Paudel said that the party leadership had failed to attract the young generation. “Our voters were disappointed as the party leadership failed to instill hope for the present and assurances for the future in them. People, who were frustrated with the repeated game of making and breaking government, were easily attracted by the slogan of prosperity and stability,” Paudel said.
He further said that NC had failed to inform the people what the party would be doing in the coming years.
CWC members argued that the party’s decision to stand against the then CIAA Chief Lokman Singh Karki’s impeachment and stand in favor of Chief Justice Sushila Karki had huge bearings on the recent poll result.
Nabindra Raj Joshi said that the party’s leadership had failed to take into account the impacts of the key appointments and others decisions on the party’s rank and file.
The CWC members had asked the party’s leadership not to repeat the names of old leaders in the proportional list.
Speaking on the occasion, CWC member Chandra Bhandari said that the current leadership of the party had completely failed in handling the party. He also urged the party leadership to hand the party’s reins to the young generation.
CWC member Kalyan Gurung alleged that the government had appointed governor with Panchayati background. Only a few CWC members close to President Deuba defended him.
However, the meeting showed that party president Deuba would be in a defensive position after he hands over power. Not only CWC members, but general NC voters want an early exit of Deuba from the party leadership.

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