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Local’s land lies in India!

By Our Reporter
…land owner certificate should be taken as the evidence.
People in Birgunj have worried greatly when the lands they were tilling for centuries reached India after a joint team of Nepal and India marked the position of the boundary pillars in Chhapkaiya area.
They said 50 bighas of Nepali land has fallen into Indian territory after a Nepal-India joint survey team marked the positions for new subsidiary boundary pillars between main border posts 391 and 392 in Chhapkaiya area of Birgunj.
Local residents said they had long held legal ownership over the land, which now has fallen in the Indian Territory.
They claimed the positioning of new border pillars has moved up to 100 metres inside the Nepali territory.
They argued the land where they planted crops for generations was suddenly shown across the border.
They angry locals have begun a protest claiming that their properties have been encroached upon.
However, the authorities at the Survey Department in Kathmandu said that no Nepali land had reached India due to the positioning of the pillars.
The local landowners registered an application with the District Administration Office (DAO), claiming that their properties were being encroached upon in the name of border management.
Chief District Officer of Parsa Binod Prakash Singh said the chief of Nepali survey team had been notified about the issue.
However, many people demanded that the landownership certificates should be taken as evidence while fixing the borders.
Meanwhile, a Nepal-India joint field survey team found that more than 70 percent of border pillars were in dilapidated condition in Rautahat district. During its filed inspection, the survey team found more than 70 percent of the border pillars in a state of disrepair.

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