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What is golden share?

By Our Reporter
Ajayaraj Sumargi, owner of Thaha Shanchar radio and TV, has alleged Kailash Sihirohiya, owner of Kantipur Group for bargaining him by publishing news assassinating his character.
Sumargi, by organizing a press conference on 15 January said that four years ago, when Sirohiya was in strong need of money, had sold a land to Sumargi and now Shirohia is asking to return the same land at the price he had paid during purchase of the land.
When Sumarhi denied to return the land at the price he had paid during purchase, Sirohiya, by misusing publications owned by him, is blackmailing Sumargi, he said at the press conference.
The Kantipur Group is continuously publishing news alleging Sumargi for being involved in money laundering case and putting pressure to the security organs to carry out investigation against him. The government, however, has not spoken anything on Sumargi.
Sumargi has also alleged Sirohiya for blackmailing many business orgasnisations by taking golden share against media protection.
Sumargi has also alleged Sirohiya for blackmailing many individuals, however, they are unable to speak with the fear of defaming them by publications run by Sirohiya.
Sirohiya, so far, has denied the allegations against him.
Not to forget, several years ago, when NC leader Bal Bahadur KC was the minister for physical planning and construction, the Kantipur Group had projected him as a “wall minister” publishing his private affairs with one lady. During that time, KC had alleged the Publications for blackmailing him against a construction tender.
Some financial observers have even alleged that the Kantipur Group is paying less tax than the Gorkhapatra Corporation bit the government officers are afraid to initiate any action against the Publications.

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