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Trump’s NSS report

DONALD Trump’s premier National Security Strategy (NSS), announced on 18 December, 2017 is beset with the new wave of criticism. NSS report instead of co-existence and harmony, caused consternations for other states including the US allies. The report sees China and Russia as rival states, eroding the US hegemony. NSS report further says that China and Russia are the US top security threats, saying these two countries “challenge American power, influence, and interests, attempting to erode American security and prosperity”. Interestingly, report mentioned China 33 times and Russia 34 times respectively. Pre-occupied US with the presence of China and Russia in international politics, never accepts the multipolar world order.
The report also castigates Chinese economic ascendency and military strength, calling Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) as “unfair trade practice” violating the sovereignty of developing and small states. On the other hand, it describes China’s intentions of creating multipolar world order, will exacerbate Sino-US relations. The US emphasized the significance of India and called India as the US key strategic and defence ally that could play a crucial role for the US in most important regions of the world such as South Asia, Central Asia and the Asia-Pacific. Realistically, putting all eggs in basket of India is attributed to reduce China’s influence in the region. Containment of China is not in interest of the region and having a great deal of ramifications for the region. India being supported by the US compels China to support Pakistan for the purpose of materializing China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). Support of India by US also triggers security dilemma in the region. It is pertinent to mention here, that BRI and CPEC are inclusive, participation of US and India in BRI and CPEC, particularly for India will reduce trust deficit and is likely to de-escalate nuclearization in region.
To create troubles for China, NSS hinted that the US would maintain cordial ties with Taiwan, perusing “One China policy” providing defense assistance to Taipei. China’s Foreign Minster Wang Yi, in this regard says that “there is only one China in the world, and Taiwan is part of China” but Taiwan remains a bone of contention in the Sino-US relations. Many scholars are of the view that Beijing’s military advancement, started in 1990s was marked to ensure that Taipei would never get an independence. Trump, simultaneously, creates issues of Taiwan and North Korea in China’s peripheries to be embroiled in regional politics rather than international politics. Trump’s hawkish approach also reflected in NSS report, identifying North Korea and Iran as “rogue regimes”. North Korea’s nuclear activities have become one of the most critical national security challenges for the Trump Administration. Calling North Korea and Iran as rogue regimes needs introspection, a question needs to be answered is, why are North Korea and Iran moving towards nuclearization?
A simple answer to this question is the US aggression. North Korea would have been attacked by the US, had it not built nuclear nukes. The US quest of toppling regimes across the world compels North Korea and Iran to be nuclear states, in order to avoid US belligerence. The threat of climate change is an inevitable one; climate change, no doubt is bigger threat than terrorism. Trump, on the other hand, did not mention threat of climate change in NSS report; he rather scrapped Paris climate accord. Trump instead of reducing greenhouse omission, has started work on non-renewable energy by increasing coal production and drills for oil. Surprisingly, the greenhouse omission of the Texas one of US states is bigger than that of entire African continent. National Academy of Science report does not bother Trump, which says “a three-foot rise in sea levels will threaten the operations of more than 128 US military sites”. On contrast, Trump, articulated that US was supposed to regain the economic competitiveness by bolstering economy, stimulating industries, and creating jobs.
Trump’s America First slogan revokes Pro-Nazi isolationists of the 1930s, which embarrasses the American allies. America first approach simply means, ignoring the interests of its allies. The US hegemony across the world is guaranteed by protecting the interest of its allies too. Alienating allies with America first approach will lead the world towards polarization and destruction. For instance, if every state peruses the first- first approach, neither there will be a win-win situation nor mutual co-existence; the world will see self-proclaimed patriotism by over-estimating the values and interests of other states. Trump by saying that a nation that was not prepared to win a war, was incapable of stopping a war. His remark regarding a war reinforces the belief of nuclearisation, within Iran and North Korea, to be nuclear states. Without nuclear nukes, Iran and North Korea feel insecure in existing so-called an anarchic world order. To be fair, Trump’s NSS report is based on contradictions, allowing the world to alienation, nuclearization and destruction.

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