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Political Stability?

editUML chairman KP Sharma Oli and Maoist Center (MC) chairman Pushpakamal Dahal are talking of political stability and economic prosperity since the election alliance between the UML and MC. They say that unification between UML and MC is sure as they have already received people’s mandate. However, delayed process in unification of the two parties and also in formation of the Left alliance government have created doubts among the people about political stability in the country.
Sources claim that those political leaders known to be India supporters, such as Amrish Kumar Singh, Rajendra Mahato and RAW officers stationed in Kathmandu are frequently visiting Khumaltar residence of Dahal and they have advised Dahal for developing new alliance among the NC, MC and Madheshi parties and forming an alliance government led by Dahal. They have also advised Dahal for becoming the PM for full term of HoR i.e. five years.
Those who have met Dahal, have also given the clear message that the issues of human rights violation have to be addressed together by the NC and MC as leaders from both the parties are facing charges of serious human rights violation. As UML leaders are not involved in violation of human rights, UML is reluctant in resolving the charges against the NC and MC leaders, they have warned Dahal.
The Election Commission, by describing the constitutional provisions, has delayed in submitting the final results of the proportional election to the President. The Commission is in a mood to submit the results only after the formation of the National Assembly. The UML believes that this could be a conspiracy to stop KP Oli from becoming the PM soon.
If MC had fought the election without forging alliance with the UML, MC could hardly bag 10/11 seats from the direct election to HoR. Dahal had thus decided to develop election alliance with the UML. Therefore, Dahal doesn’t want to betray UML immediately and he has wished to share the government with the UML. However, on the party unification agenda, Dahal wants to secure his strong position in the unified party. He wants to become executive chairman of the party and after the unification also, he wants to remain executive chairman of the party. Until now, Dahal has not received any strong assurance from the UML leaders.
So far, Dahal has disclosed the agreement for sharing the government for two and a half years between Oli and Dahal turn by turn. Dahal is ready to offer Oli first term of the government.
Dahal wants to forward the unification process and he will wait for one year on Oli’s commitment and if Oli will try to betray Dahal, at that case, he plans to break the unification process and join another alliance with the NC and Mdheshi parties.
As Nepali politics is highly dominated by the foreign powers and the domestic politics is based on betrayal and conspiracy for power, it is difficult to predict about political stability and economic prosperity in the country even if there will be a left alliance government led by Oli.

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