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King Prithvi Narayan Shah the Great

Dirgha-Raj-PrasaiPrithvi Narayan Shah, who unified Nepal is the pride of this country. The great hero Prithvi Narayan Shah was born in Gorkha on 27 Pous 1779 B.S. Since 1768, a strong unitary sovereign nation was created with the involvement of the indigenous people. The indigenous people had accepted an unitary state to remain protected from the danger posed by our northern and southern neighbours.
The culture remains intact that ties the indigenous tribes together to survive in harmony, and the Nepalese common language which is understood by all. The World famous national flag is Nepalese ethnic groups’ story of pride. From the unification, under guardianship of Shah monarchs, the Hindu kingdom and Nepali language became the base of unity among all the tribes and ethnic groups in northern and tarai areas and the attractive national attire became identified symbol among the Nepalese people. The glorious unified greater Nepal became a common shelter for all Nepalese people.
Gorkha king Prithvi Narayan Shah and later his younger son Bahadur Shah had unified more than 54 small Hindu states- Nuwkot, Kritipur, Kantipur, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, the regime of Senbansee from Makawanpur to Tista and Baisee, Chubbisee up to Kangada creating the Hindu kingdom unifying a large, expanded and strong Nepal. It was almost 100 years earlier (1768) than Germany and Italy were unified and the Meiji dynasty was restored (1868). It is remarkable that American citizens never forget the history of Gorge Washington, who gave freedom to them from the British imperialism and united the United State of America. Then before almost 30 years, Nepal was unified (1768).
The British Empire, spreading in Asia and invaded India had eyed on mountainous region i.e. Nepal. It was not an easy task to fight against the British imperialistic force in the mid 18th century. As the culture, the religion and the nationality was in a danger, which compelled Prithvi Narayan Shah to unify the Greater Nepal, including the many small Hindu states and protected Buddhism and other religions too. Prithvi Narayan Shah had kept the originality of mountainous Nepal by holding the Moon-Sun depicting flag to wave, which obliged all the Nepalese in the world.
The historical event says- after capturing Kirtipur, an English Platoon of 2,400 under the leadership of Col. Killok was chased away from Sindhuli with the support from Com. Ram Krishna Kunwar, Dev Narayan Magar and others. Then, Prithvi Narayan Shah came to Kathmandu, in course of creating greater Nepal. After winning Kathmandu he sat on the royal throne at Hanuman Dhoka with the help of Jhyagal Gurung after receiving a ‘Tika’ from Kumari (Shakya living Goddess). To maintain the pride of this place, he did everything that could be done to create a greater Nepal. With the support of all difference castes Prithvi Narayan Shah contributed to expand Nepal – upto Tista in the East, Kangada in the West and Ganges in the South.
King Prithvi Narayan Shah declared Kathmandu as the capital and Nepal as the Kingdom, but not Gorkha. Prithvi Narayan Shah not only brought caste and ethnicity based states under the umbrella of Nepal. The Great King had pointed out in his Divine Counsels, “This is not the nation gained by my trifle efforts, this is the garden of all kinds of flowers, and may all be aware of this”. Nepal is a “yam between two boulders” suggesting the need for a delicate balance of relationship between its two big neighbors – China and India.
Very surprisingly, Nepal was able to stand its ground as an independent, unique and powerful multi-ethnic state situated in the lap of the Himalayas, even in such a vulnerable situation where such extreme colonial encroachment in South Asia was rife. People of different ethnic backgrounds seemed to have united under the guardianship of Crown in the newly emergent Nepal. The royal institution was accepted as an identified symbol to preserve and protect Nepal as a sovereign nation. After King Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great, other Shah kings also contributed for existence of the Hindu kingdom, Nepali identities and Nepal’s sovereignty. As today, we are experiencing invasion against our identity, to safeguard our own values we must restore the institution of monarchy and again declare Nepal a Hindu state.
Let’s celebrate the glorious national Unity Day and tribute the great king unifier Prithvi Narayan Shah in the memorial Birthday on 27 Poush.

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  1. Patriotism is weird, we are supposed to respect our country is the greatest and was founded with great effort by our great leader. Our great leader went to unimaginable lengths to realize the great achievement, so that their grandchildren and people that come after would get to live in prosperity. Is this true? Did Prithvi Narayan Shah really think about our prosperity. Did he had in mind, he would annex the state and bring unity and bonding between the people. He was a great conquer of his time. His drive and perseverance, made a flimsy state of Gorkha 100 times of what it was. Saying this against Prithvi Narayan Shah that he is not as great as we are told make me disloyal to the country. Am I a traitor? Some might say I am. But on my own realization I’m not. I love my country, I want to see my country prosper and I want to put all efforts I have to see my country get prosperous. I just want others to realize the truth, war had consequences and people die and leaders went to unthinkable length to get their ways, Prithvi Narayan Shah cheated, deceive, inhumanely tortured people during the war. I want people to understand he was as bad as he had good in him. He was just like an ordinary people who had as much as cruelty within him as he had kindness. However, he had that devotion and rage within that no other leader had before. I have no problem with people celebrating his birthday and people having national day for him. I just want others to understand, he was a skillful conqueror, who was exceptionally motivated and had the persistence to make his nation expand, which he can rule and people to remember his name and the conquest he had done for years to come. Yeah, he did that right, yet hundreds of years later we still celebrate his birthday. But he didn’t have the greatness of heart as we were taught, he was just as cold as a pantomime movie villain. He went to great length of devotion, lie, cheat and passion to build what he desired and what he dreamt.