Wednesday , September 19 2018
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Why Maoists stick in government yet?

By Our Reporter
The CPN-Maoist Centre has not yet quit the government and dozens of its leaders are enjoying the pays and perks as ministers without portfolios.
They had denied quitting the government stating that the Deuba-led government could postpone the elections if they quit it. Now the elections have already been over, but the Maoist leaders are still sticking in the government.
Moreover, many of the ministers representing the Maoist-Centre have been telling the government to step down forgetting that they are also the part of the government.
The shameless unethical acts of the Maoist ministers have only made mockery of democracy and good governance. Krishna Bahadur Mahara is Deputy Prime Minister in the present government, but he went to the Election Commission to convince the commissioners that the NA election was not essential to form a new government. When the Government in which he is a DPM, and the EC have stated that election to NA was a must before announcing the final results of the House of Representatives, he is against it. Ethically and morally, he should not have visited the EC or should not have continued his job of DPM.  Still, he did not hesitate to teach a lesson that the government should step down when the ruling party suffered a defeat.
This double standards of the Maoist ministers deserve condemnation from people.

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