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New government only in February?

By Our Reporter
OLI-DahalFormation of the new government is likely to delay, thanks to the ego between  K P Oli UML chair and Sher Bahadur Deuba, NC boss and Prime Minister.
When these two leaders made the National Assembly Election Ordinance an issue of prestige with Oli trying to prevent President Bidya Bhandari from authenticating the Ordinance and Deuba with applying every effort to make the President issue the Ordinance, not only the election of the NA but also the formation of the new government had become uncertain .
Finally, Deuba won as the President authenticated the ordinance paving the way for holding the National Assembly election. However, for Oli it proved wastage of crucial time of about three weeks.
Had he not exerted pressure on President to hold on the Ordinance, the government would have already announced the date of the NA elections as both the government and the Election Commission have stated that the final results of the House of Representatives could not be announced without holding the election to the NA.  And the new government cannot be formed unless the EC announces the results of the House of Representatives election held under proportionate electoral system.
The EC officials have been stating that the NA election was a must before announcing the results of the PR elections to ensure the one-third representation of women in the federal parliament as provisioned in the constitution.
However, the UML leaders have argued that there was no need of NA election to form the new government.
The left alliance leaders have been exerting pressure on the EC to announce the results of the HR elections and pave the way for the formation of the new government.
Even on Monday, the second ranked leaders of the UML and Maoist-Centre met the Chief Election Commissioner and other commissioners and urged them to announce the HR results.
The left alliance leaders, especially the UML leaders claim that the EC was not announcing the PR results at the instruction of the Indian Ambassador and the Deuba-led government totally ignoring the constitutional provisions.
Obviously, the major duties of the present government led by Sher Bahadur Deuba were to hold the elections to the bicameral Federal Parliament and the State Assemblies. Although the government held elections to the Lower House of the Federal Parliament and State Assemblies, it was unable to hold the election to the Upper House of the Federal Parliament in lack of law.  Now when the President had authenticated the Ordinance, the government and the EC are preparing to announce the election date of the NA. As such, the left alliance leaders’ claims that the EC should announce the PR results and Deuba should step down without accomplishing the task of holding the NA elections look childish.
Obviously, they fear whether the NC and foreign forces will obstruct the unity of the two left parties and form government under MC boss Pushpa Kamal Dahal. However, it looks unlikely that Dahal who severed his alliance with NC only three months ago  will become PM in NC’s support.
But still, the Nepali people have to wait at least for six weeks more to see the new government and Oli himself and the Office of President have caused the delay in forming the new government by not authenticating the ordinance in time.
As the election date is yet to be announced, it looks likely that the NA elections would be held only in the second week of February.
Before that, the government will appoint the governors in all provinces to administer the oath of office to the newly elected members of the State Assemblies, because without taking the oath of office they cannot take part in the NA elections.
The UML leaders claim that the new government, not the present one, should appoint the governors. This demand of the UML leaders also looks impractical. Fixing temporary capitals should be done before NA elections. These activities will buy time and push the NA election further away. Hence, the UML-led government is likely to be formed only in the second week of February.

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