Tuesday , September 18 2018
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Blame Game Begins

editNepali politics only now comprehends the enormity of cradle to grave welfare election promises. The obsession with constitutional politics has left the people stranded. Politics now asks the people to turn to government for even minor services. The haste to implement the constitution went head over heels in the elections. Now that politics finds itself in between a constitution yet to be implemented despite the elections the people find themselves bereft of the locally available institutions through which the election promises are to be delivered. There has been no delivery of the much promised goods and services since the months of the disbandment of local institutions and the non-replacement of newly elected ones in the now close to unrecognizable and impractical local elected institutions. The ruse for the moment is the excuse that has been found in delays in forming the new legislatures and government. But the demands for the services and goods on which the population are being asked to rely on is so heavy that it will either be discovered as a lie or the public pressures will be such that the delivering agent will not be able to cope.
The bureaucracy, of course is befuddles. We are soon to discover that a gradually streamlined and modernized, trained and equipped bureaucracy has. as if deliberately, been made so inept. Politics now may be wisely distancing itself from the delivery agents simply because populism made the sector a virtual storehouse of promises beyond the scope and capacity of the bureaucracy to deliver. It will take sometime for the bureaucracy to react. But, when they do, it is politics that suffers. And, so, the plethora of public complaints of essential services being made out reach of the public that is currently bouncing off public officials will inevitably be rebounded to the elected officials who are vulnerable at the local stage. Chances of turmoil coming from the bottom have thus increased manifold simply because the politician promises heaven on earth without the equipment to do so. What is already evident, more than the equipment, is the now widely acknowledged fact that the cost factor in ‘bringing Singha Durbar’ to the local levels. The non formation of government is merely a ruse for the local levels not to be working. The fact is that the local levels have been deprived of working space, manpower and the absence of terms of references regarding their functions. Our political monopolists cannot but lamely caution on the need for control f expenses but the fact is that the expenses must be met. Government must deliver; this is what the people will demand. The delivery agent can merely state the lack of expenses. But the politicians by habit will not take up the blame. It is after all the people who were so easily sold down the river with promises must assume the blame.

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