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Is Deuba going to tender resignation from party chief?

By Our Reporter
The elections have put NC President and Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba in a difficult position. Deuba, who had said that an astrologer had told him that he would become Nepal’s PM for seven times, has lost not only the chance of becoming PM for the fifth time but his post of party president is at risk as many leaders and supporters of NC have been demanding his resignation from the post of president for his flopped performance in the elections.
Popular youth leaders like Gagan Thapa, Dhan Raj Gurung and Chandra Bhandari have already warned Deuba of stripping him off the party leadership stating that Deuba was responsible for the party’s defeat in the polls.
Former general secretary Praksh Man Singh also asked Deuba to quit the post. Other leaders like Dr Shekhar Koirala have also indirectly hinted that Deuba should step down from the leadership on the moral ground.
However, Deuba may not be ready to quit the elected post. Moreover, Deuba, who had introduced all the ills of the parliamentary system in Nepal’s democracy right from his first stint in the top executive post, does not hesitate to take any move for his personal gain. He broke the party and handed over democracy to the palace. The former king rewarded him with a title of ‘incapable’ person. And his incapability had become more apparent this time.
He undermined public sentiment pinched by the Indian blockade by pulling down the K P Oli-led government in the instruction of the Indian leadership and enthroning Pushpa Kamal Dahal. He had done all these to prevent Chinese President XI’s Nepal visit as wished by his Indian masters. He not only met Dalai Lama’s representative in Guwa, India breaching Nepal’s one China policy, he threw his strength to ensure victory of Pushpa Kamal Dahal’s daughter in Chitwan. Indeed, he had resorted to all means, ethical and unethical, to reach or stick in power. His greed resulted in the humiliating defeat of the party, and the honest and capable NC leaders and cadres are likely to exert pressure on him to quit the leadership. Now he is already 70 and by the time of the next election, he will be an old man and may not be able to lead the party. Hence, Deuba has not only caused an immense damage to the NC but has also ended his own political career.

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