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How long will it take for Oli to become PM?

By Our Reporter
06032016084132KP-OLI-1000x0If all goes as planned, CPN-UML chair K P Oli will be the next Prime Minister of Nepal. As the main leader of the left alliance that clinched a comfortable majority in the House of Representatives and the chief of the party that emerged as the largest party in the House, Oli is the only candidate to the top executive top post.
However, the dispute over the election to the National Assembly is also likely to postpone the election of the Prime Minister. Normally, a new prime minister is appointed within 35 days after the announcement of the final results of the parliament elections. But when the election to one of the Houses of the federal parliament has become uncertain due to lack of required act and dispute among the parties, it seems Oli will be waiting for more weeks to reach Singh Durbar.
And if the Election Commission submits the final results of the PR elections to the President without holding elections to the National Assembly and the President makes a call to form a government, Oli will be elected the new PM in the support of the Maoist Centre. But he will be unable to constitute the Council of Ministers, according to constitutional experts, without having NA.
Hence, it will be wise to elect the NA at the earliest possible to avoid political confrontation.

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