Wednesday , September 19 2018
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Left alliance gives new lease of life to Maoist Center

By Our Reporter

The left alliance has turned the biggest boon for the CPN-Maoist Centre. The party that was almost sure to lose its political strength this time made a strong comeback after forging alliance with the CPN-UML. The party that had dropped to the third position winning just 26 seats under the First-Past-The-Post election in 2013 from the position of the largest party in the first CA in which it had 120 of the 240 seats under FPTP.

With the backing of the UML, it won 36 seats in the federal parliament, 15 more than the Nepali Congress. And if it manages to win 18 seats in the Proportionate election system, it will have 55 seats in the lower house of the federal parliament. It may become the second largest party after the UML in six provinces. However, in the centre it is likely to be the third party as the NC will win more seats than it under PR, and will have 60 seats in total.

Had the Maoist Centre not forged alliance with the UML, it would have won only in Rolpa, Rukum and Sindhuli districts. Hence, the Maoist Centre benefitted the most from the alliance. Not only that, the MC will be leading at least two provincial governments.

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