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Dirty tricks by PM Modi: Indian anti-Pak footprints

By Kamal

The most recent Indian moves against Pakistan in Geneva are not much of a shock. Previously during United Nations Human Right Council sessions in September, 2016 India pulled similar stunts to broadcast false concerns over Balochistan and Kashmir. Over the course of several years, Indian RAW has spent millions of dollars to circulate a very dirty and a baseless propaganda to level unsubstantiated allegations of violation of rights of minorities in Pakistan. It pains PM Modi and his buddies to see Pakistan stand on its feet especially after successful launching of CPEC.

The dirty and anti-Pakistan mind-set of PM Modi is definitely not a new news. He displayed his hate for Pakistan when he decided to assist Mukti Bani in East Pakistan as he himself claims that he fought against Pakistani Patriots and fought till the end until he witnessed the fall of Dhaka.

PM Modi has also confessed during his visit to Bangladesh that the former Prime Minister Atal Vajpayee played a key role in separating East wing of Pakistan. He shamelessly admitted that he voluntarily participated in the Satyagraha Movement propagated by Jana Sangh to show his strong support to Mukti Bahini created by the RAW.

Moreover, PM Modi’s association with RSS and later with BJP for almost 6 decades prompted a bitter fight against several religions especially against Islam. It wasn’t just his opposition against Muslims but his actions led to several killings of innocent lives belonging to Muslim community. He as an RSS member was trained as a grand Karsevk driven by the feeling of filth and intolerance towards Muslims of India.

PM Modi was one of the forerunners in destruction of Babri Mosque and he also played a vital role as an activist in inter-communal rioting, which killed more than 2000 people, particularly Muslims. It was just a start of what appeared to be extremely unsettling and unjust treatment of Muslims. PM Modi and his party BJP executed the Gujarat massacre where more than a thousand Muslims were murdered. More so, he also strategized the ruthless attack on Samjhota Express, which took 68 lives. Unfortunately, he continued to show hate towards Muslims and tried his best to segregate them one way or another.

In fact it will also not be wrong to say that initially PM Modi as a member of RSS was recruited and groomed by RAW to work against Pakistan instigating anti-Pakistan feelings among the masses. PM Modi’s association with RAW dates back to 1971 when he participated in Satyagraha Movement to support Mukti Bahini created by RAW.  The RAW circulated fake stories of rape and genocide of Bengalis with the support/involvement of RSS but the truth cited by several eyewitnesses suggested otherwise. It was Mukti Bahini and many like Modi who were responsible for the genocide and the rape of Bengalis. A British author who himself witnessed the atrocities led by Mukti Bahini rejected the false allegations being put on armed forces of Pakistan.

Similarly, history bears witness that it wasn’t just the East Pakistan which became the centre of India’s dirty play but also the region of Kashmir where every Muslim voice was silenced with a bullet in the heart. More than 60,000 people have already been killed in Jammu and Kashmir with thousands of cases of mass torture, sexual violence and forced disappearances by Indian army.

Meanwhile, while the atrocities by the Indian forces in Kashmir were going on, PM Modi decided to divert the attention from the genocide in Kashmir to launch his own brand of war, which I call as Modi’s war. And it was at the expense of this war, that PM Modi planned to bring all his neighbours including China under pressure. His economic and strategic support for Taiwan is nothing more than an effort to pinch China in the gut. Similarly his direct conflict with Pakistan followed by an engineered genocide of Muslims in Myanmar with the help of Suu Kyi has led me believe that there are even more in his evil destructive designs.

The moment Modi was elected as the Prime Minister of India, Pakistan was inevitably put to test. Modi as prime minister tried to put political and military pressure on Pakistan via hollow war threats, violations at the LoC (103 alone last year), killings of innocents at the LoC and by propagating litany of lies about hypothetical surgical strikes against so-called terrorists hide outs inside Pakistan. More so, the most recent arrest of Indian RAW agent Kulbhushan Yadev exposed India’s plan to impart naval fighting training to Balochistan’s separatists in an attempt to attack Karachi and Gwadar ports. Kalbushan was one of leading Indian RAW trained terrorist of many who were to destabilize Pakistan by creating insurgency in different parts of Pakistan particularly in Balochistan.

The involvement of India in cross border terrorism in Balochistan was not a fresh initiative. In the year 2009, during Non-Aligned Summit held in Sharm el-Sheikh, the then prime minister Gillani had handed over a dossier to his counterpart Dr Manmohan Singh about the involvement of India in cross-border terrorism in Balochistan. More so, Christine Fair of RAND Corporation had once said, “Having visited the Indian mission in Zahidan, Iran, I can assure you they are not issuing visas as the main activity. Indian officials have told me privately that they are pumping money into Balochistan.”

Recently, PM Modi touched the heights of hostility when he openly announced to support Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) and some other disgruntled elements, which were against the ideology of Pakistan. In an Independence Day speech he stated “People of Balochistan, Gilgit and PoK (Pakistan Occupied Kashmir) have thanked me a lot in past few days”. The anti-Pakistan elements like Brahamdagh Bugti, Harbiyar Marri and Zamran Marri supported Modi’s statement on Balochistan and encouraged India to help them free Balochistan from Pakistan. It is also suspected that Brahamdagh Bugti takes funds from India for this purpose. And India’s response in facilitating BLA and granting visas to these extremist elements has also proven that the conspiracy hatched against Pakistan is ongoing. Indian RAW has been planning one way or the other trying hard to create East Pakistan-like situation in Balochistan as the role of Mukti Bahini is being played by India in Balochistan in collaboration with Afghanistan and duly backed by the West. Brahamdagh Bugti and Harbiyar Marri had already sold their souls to the dollars paid by PM Modi and RAW.

Recently in Geneva, where 36th session of the Human Rights Council of UNO was held, a malicious campaign against the territorial integrity of Pakistan was shamelessly launched by RAW. The Swiss authorities have known that BLA has been proscribed in Pakistan being a terrorist organisation and allowing such banners by a banned organisation is sheer violation of UNO. Switzerland’s Ambassador-designate Thomas Kolly was summoned by the Foreign Office of Pakistan after some posters, reading “Free Balochistan”, were displayed in Geneva which it said directly attacked its territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The outlook of this campaign clearly reflected that a lot of time and money has been invested to strategically form, organize and launch this campaign. Last year in a similar event Indian agency RAW invested $5 million to launch processions flagrantly attacking the sovereignty of Pakistan and violating the International Law, as well as the UN charter. Refugees were picked from Geneva Refugee Centre (paid Rs.15000 to 20000 per hour) to pose as Balochi, to discredit Pakistan.

Who could be behind this ugly agenda this time? Who would want Pakistan to appear internationally weak and disintegrated? Clearly just like the last time, PM Modi and RAW sought to capitalize on the opportunity again, joining hands with and funding BLA. The local authorities confirmed that the organization has gotten a commercial contract of 1 year whereby regretting them to display these banners can cause the local authorities a legal action. This organization, that the authorities were shy to mention the name of is “Baluchistan House” which is affiliated with BLF and BLA in turn is affiliated with RAW. Keeping in mind India’s strong connection with Baloch separatist leaders, and the fact that an ample amount of money has been spent, there remains no doubt in mind that India again, is behind this campaign. PM Modi is directly supervising this anti-Pak move and he is facilitating the anti-Pak elements and terrorists groups in Balochistan via RAW.

Not only Pakistan the whole South Asian region understand the Modi’s international conspiracies being engineered, and their Anti-Regional Connectivity  and Anti Regional development mind set is now well understood. No outsider like PM Modi can dictate them to not be a Pakistani. Modi and Doval allies are under deep frustration due to continuous failure in tier dirty moves/tricks against Pakistan and against the region.

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