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Hurdles for Left alliance

By Our Reporter
UML chairman KP Oli and Maoist Center chairman Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda are claiming that immediately after the second phase election, the unification process between the UML and Maoist Center will start. They are confidently saying that the next government will be of the Left alliance.
Oli, who is aware about Prachanda’s personal behavior of swinging to the other side without any reason has decided to reward Prachanda as the executive chairman of the unified communist party and Oli himself becoming the prime minister.
Hurdles for unification: Krishna BahadurMahara, Barshaman Pun, GopalKirati are the Maoist leaders who are not happy from the unification plan. They will try their best to disturb the unification process. Mahara and Pun are trying to develop their own group within the Maoist Center with the plan of capturing the party leadership after Prachanda. Rambahadur Thapa, Dev Gurung and Janardan Sharma Pravakar are aware about this plan developed by Mahara and Pun. Prachanda also believes that Mahara and Pun are bargaining for power but if the party will go for unification with the UML, both Mahara and Pun will lose the strength in the new party.
India factor: The Indians, who are playing with micro-management in Nepal, will obviously initiate every possible measure to disturb unification between UML and MC.
ICJ threat: Prachanda, BaburamBhattarai and many other leaders are facing the charge of human rights violation during the “people’s war” era. Earlier, India had warned to internationalize this issue and warned the Maoist leaders they will be sent Hague. Just recently, Nepal has been elected as the member of the UN Human Rights Commission. Therefore, Nepal is morally bound for respecting human rights. If those, who have violated human rights, will not be taken action in the country, it will give a wrong message in the international arena.
Money laundering: To bring him to size, the Indians may raise the issue of money laundering against Prachanda.
Therefore, it may not be an easy task for UML and Maoist Center to go for unification, otherwise, KP Oli should ensure Prachanda for mass amnesty to the Maoists who have been alleged for serious violation of human rights.

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