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Basnet’s arrest gives new twist to Gauchan murder case

By Our Reporter
After Police arrested Samirman Singh Basnet, the accused mastermind behind the murder of construction contractor Sharad Kumar Gauchan, the murder case has taken a new twist.
Police has confirmed that the murder plan was developed when Gauchan denied return of the money invested by Ghaite and Basnet in the construction company owned by Gauchan.
Gauchan, owner of the Danfe Construction Company had borrowed 20 million rupees from Ghaite and Basnet. Ghaite, a notorious gangster was killed in a police encounter last year. Since then Gauchan was denying to return the investment made by Ghaite and Basnet.
If the Police investigation is true, Gauchan, an “A” class contractor and also chairman of the construction entrepreneurs’ Federation, had used gangsters’ money in his business, which is a case of money laundering.
Gauchan, under the pressure of the contractors’ association, has been declared martyr by the government immediately after his murder.

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