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Left alliance may occupy minimum 30 seats

By Our Reporter
The Left alliance has claimed that it might bag minimum 24 to 30 seats in the first phase election held on 26 November. In the first phase elections held in 32 upper hill districts and 37 electoral constituencies.
According to reports in Drishti vernacular weekly, in the first phase of elections, the Left alliance is ahead in 30 constituencies whereas in seven constituencies, democratic alliance is ahead. In the last local elections, if the votes received by the UML and Maoist together are considered, the Left alliance will be the dominating force. However, both the parties have to secure their voters in the upcoming elections also. If UML and Maoist will be able to preserve the votes received in local elections, the Left alliance can become victorious at least in 24 constituencies. Although the voting pattern of the local elections has indicated that the Left alliance is strong in 30 constituencies, in some of the places, the Left alliance has given very weak candidates compared to the democratic alliance’s candidates. Considering the present scenario, the Left alliance has claimed victory in minimum 24 seats.
Meanwhile, the democratic alliance has claimed to secure 15 seats in the House of Representatives.
According to Balkrishna Khand, NC’s election coordinator, out of 37 seats, the democratic alliance and left alliance will have tuff competition in 12 constituencies.
According to Khand, in Solukhumbu, Panchthar, Manang, Humla, Jajarkot, Okhldhunga, Sankhuwasabha, Nuwakot 1, Gorkha 1, and Bajura, NC will get victory.
UML has calculated victory of left candidates on the basis of the votes bagged by UML and Maoist in the local election. However, NC observers say that the voting pattern may not be like in the local elections. Personality and contribution of the candidates will also count in the House of Representatives’ election. In the local election, voters are influenced by personal behavior of the candidates, relations with the voters, among others. However, in the election of House of Representatives, the committed voters having political belief will not cast vote to the candidate of another party.
Likewise, observers say that there is no guarantee that all the votes of UML will go for the Maoist candidates and all Maoist votes may not go for the UML candidates.

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