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Unsustainable “loktantra”

By Our Reporter
Imagine, how many hydropower projects can be constructed from 100 billion rupees, how many kms roads can be constructed from 100 billion rupees!
Unfortunately, Nepal like a poor nation is spending around 100 billion rupees just to conduct three elections.
Reports say that to conduct three phases of local elections, the nation spent 70 billion rupees had to be spent. The Finance Ministry has allotted 15 billion rupees to conduct upcoming provencial and federal parliament elections in two phases. The Election Commission is saying that it needs around 20 billion rupees to complete the upcoming elections in two phases. Furthermore, the estimated expenditure for security force deployment may reach 25 billion rupees.
In the 1948 elections just 110 million rupees were spent. Compared to the figure, the present election cost is 24 to 25 times higher than the 1948 elections.
Besides, each candidate is going to spend minimum 10 million rupees. In such a way, in the name of total implementation of the constitution, we are spending above 100 billion rupees.
Candidates’ vision: There is a lack of ideological vision among the candidates. Spend money to secure victory and once became victorious, earn money through corruption and commission. This is the roadmap of every candidate. Candidates, to ensure their victory, have made voters corrupt as the message given by the candidates is that votes are not free. In this way, the federal parliament and provincial parliaments are going to be dominated by mafias, corrupt people and dons.

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