Tuesday , September 25 2018
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Tarai and Catalonia

By Our Reporter
European nation Spain is disturbed with the Catalonia independence unrest. The international community has remained silent on Catalonia independence. This is the silent support of the international community to Spain against Catalonia separation.
In Nepal, we witnessed the tarai unrest demanding utmost autonomy for the tarai districts. The tarai based leaders are demanding for Madhesh Pradesh, by including all the tarai districts with total autonomy. Presently, they have accepted existence of No 2 province by excluding the hill districts from the province. However, the tarai based leaders have not given up their demand for making two tarai provinces by excluding hill districts from the provinces. The tarai based parties have said that they are using the elections also as a part of their movement for separating the tarai districts from the hill districts. The ultimate plan of the tarai centric leaders is to declare tarai as a state nation. Leaders like BaburamBhattarai who are serving foreign interests are backing this tarai agenda. Furthermore, the Indians and even the European countries are involved in this mission directly or indirectly. Today, Spain, a European country is facing the pain of separation. Tomorrow, the Great Britain may face separation. The same could happen to India joint together by vastly different communities. Not surprisingly, if such a separation move will take momentum, surely, India will also have to face the plight of separation. Therefore, this is an alarm for these countries which are involved in separation move of other countries.
Sooner or later, the voice of separation of the tarai districts may take place in Nepal. Therefore, the Nepal Army, the only organ left for safeguarding national sovereignty and national integrity, has to remain alert and introduce measures from which the tarai districts cannot be separated from Nepal’s map.
First of all, Indian migration in tarai districts has to be stopped immediately.

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