Wednesday , September 19 2018
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Awaiting Tangibles

editWhile the political mainstream and its media partners are all out to convince the people that the elections to the federal and national legislatures will take place as scheduled, the people are resigned to the fact; this time too, there is a catch. When the Election Commission belatedly bows down to Supreme Court demands for separate ballot papers for the separate units the people are to cast ballots for, it comes with the logistical rider at this stage and this is not lost on the people. The fast track symptom has already been heralded once again. And, so. The people must begin asking why. Already machinations are afoot in the legal sector to question the legalism behind the poll actions that, when dug deeper, boil down to the constitutionality of it all. But, then, this could be wishful thinking since it is not quite possible for any current masters of state functions to take up the onus for delays in the elections. At least, this is what comes clear from the repeated assurances that the polls will take place as scheduled- as if there is anything keeping it from happening.
Unfortunately, there are many such behind the scenes factors that can take place and the people are aware of this. The most outstanding is the constitutionality of it all and the people’s awareness that the mainstream has slammed the lid on this question by the very act of fast track elections. They cannot but harp on the theory that the polls are to legitimize the constitution and this the people are aware of. What is left unsaid but in the minds of the silent majority is how constitutional is a constitution that forgets constitutionalism but is merely rubber stamped by the polls. Unwittingly, or deliberately for that matter, it is the very political parties that want the people to concentrate on the polls which have served to divert this public attention by their fond zeal for novel political machinations such as strange political alignments not only for pre-poll purposes but also, remarkably, post-poll. For the people at large, and not just the political cadre, UML’s largesse in sharing sure seats with the Maoist Centre and the Congress willing to turn the party into another Praja Parishad is hardly a gesture to digest on election grounds.
Quite definitely then eyes must be cast on other factors than just that. The overall conclusion that extra-national gods have functioned to yield such marriages cannot thus be without substance. The general hope was that even our own gods are in council. And then comes the surprise package unfolding in the wake of king Gyanendra’s public statement that it is perhaps time he interject, the public willing. The public, by and large packaged for election purposes, sporadically show their support for the former kings statement. The organized sector would prefer to ignore it no doubt. But they are there and they have been seen in demonstration and talking when allowed the opportunity. Clearly this is not enough. But this is just what the disorganized masses can do spontaneously. And, so, unless more tangibles are forthcoming, the unsure situation will prevail which ever way—elections or no elections. Whatever happens, though, the surety will be in its fast track nature.

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