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The Slide

When King Birendra gave his first public interview after the restoration of the multiparty system here, the uproar of protests from the political establishment had to be quelled by the stature of Ganeshman Singh and Krishna Prasad Bhattarai who asserted that right for the constitutional monarch. There were none however …

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Political Predators

By P. Kharel In Nepal, individual interests inspire laws more than anything else. This came under sharp criticism when the proposal for giving pensions and other facilities to former parliamentarians came up for discussion the other week. This came shortly after a new law was passed, under which those convicted …

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India’s microfinance is losing its soul

By Moin Qazi Microfinance has lately been facing trouble because of what observers apparently feel is the dilution in the purity of its mission. When it started, microfinance was a financial tool being used for social good. Now it has increasingly become a social tool used as a way to …

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Summer of 2014 to autumn of 2017

By P Chidambaram I did not set the cat among the pigeons. In fact, my grievance was that nothing that more knowledgeable persons (leave aside my views) wrote or said seemed to have any effect on the government and its management of the economy. A course correction was not effected …

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Facts about Indian atrocities in Kashmir

By Nawz ON October 27 each year, Kashmir Black Day is observed nationwide in Pakistan and also across globe. This is day when Indian forces unlawfully, forcefully and in blatant violation of international law occupied Kashmiris’ land, which started darkest period in J&K history. State terrorism that India unleashed on …

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The Hope: The recipe for presentation skill

Kiran Marahatta, a renowned interviewer of ABC Television currently based in New York, published a book entitled The Hope which set a record breaking popularity for interview skill. It is a useful and important manuscript which refers great ideas of questioning in both terms of content and conduct. The Hope …

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