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The ins and outs of it, here and there

By Maila Baje Dr. Baburam Bhattarai and his Naya Shakti barely lasted a week in the new left alliance. If anything, that record gives some respectability to Pashupati Shamsher Rana’s desire to reunite his faction of the Rastriya Prajantra Party (RPP) with Kamal Thapa’s group, merely two months after breaking …

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Former King’s contemporary remarks


By PR Pradhan Former King GyanendraBirBikram Shah Dev has once again made strong remarks on the ongoing political situation in the country by drawing public attention. In a brief remarks to the press after receiving Tika from his younger sister SobhaRajyaLaxmion the occasion of BhaiTika on 21 October, the former …

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Salt and public health

By Brajesh Kumar Jha Salt Trading Corporation Ltd observed its 54th anniversary on 12 September this year. The Corporation, which has already existed above five decades has provided much assistance to the common people, the Corporation has shown the best example of public private partnership in commerce sector in the …

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Prithivi Remit: Easy way to send money from India

By Our Reporter With the aim of making easy to send money to their home by the Nepalis in India, the Nepal Investment Bank and India’s Axis Bank have endorsed an agreement on remittance transaction. Now, Nepalis in India can send money to their home in Nepal through the Prithivi …

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NIBL to distribute 40 percent dividend


By Our Reporter The 31st annual general meeting (AGM) of Nepal Investment Bank Ltd (NIBL) held on Tuesday (24 October) has decided to distribute 40 per cent dividend — 15 per cent share dividend and 25 per cent cash dividend — on its total paid-up capital to the shareholders. The …

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Spoken Like A King


It was hardly a speech. It was a carefully worded summarization of Nepali politics made live to a section of the media covering the former king’s Bhai Tika ceremonies at his only surviving sister’s, the rest having been swept away by the royal massacre. It is enough that the former …

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Grave Spanish Constitutional Crisis: Catalonia May Secede

By Prabasi Nepali On October 1, the regional autonomous government of Catalonia held a referendum on total independence from Spain. The central government in Madrid regarded this as illegal. Of the 43 percent of Catalans who reportedly voted, 90 percent were in favour of independence. However, most anti-independence voters boycotted …

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Political Stability: Losing Battle


By P. Kharel The ding-dong manner in which the prime ministerial chair changes its occupant in Nepal mocks at the existing political practices in Nepal. Marriage of opportunism is the order of the day, without batting an eyelid. They have no qualms about the expediency they resort to. Marriage of …

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Traveler’s tales and much more


By M.R. Josse NEW YORK. NY: Resurrecting this column after Dasain and Tihar, one is confronted by a cornucopia of comment-worthy developments that have taken place. It is therefore possible only to touch upon a mere smidgen of the same, including those associated with our recent 10-day junket to Dublin …

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