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Yet another political drama

By PR Pradhan
pushpa-columnThe seven democratic parties plus the Maoists had endorsed the 12-point agreement in Delhi to bring “loktantra” in Nepal. Until now, except from the proclamation of the new constitution, the politics in Nepal is guided by the 12-point Delhi agreement. Against seeking approval on promulgation of the new constitution, the country suffered Indian blockade and Tarai unrest. The political parties were trying to correct the course, in the mean time, the Maoist Center has once again betrayed Delhi and developed a Left alliance with the UML and Naya Shakti Party. The Left alliance is followed by unification of the three parties. For the time being, the plan is to bag majority in the Parliament and enjoy the power turn by turn by the two leaders KP Sharma Oli and Pushpakamal Dahal. Behind the six-point agreement, understanding has also been developed to corner the democratic force and grab power for the next five years. Furthermore, understanding has been developed to amend the constitution by introducing the provision of either directly elected an executive president or directly elected an executive prime minister. The other understanding is to unify the three parties under the name of Nepal Communist Party and amend the constitution accordingly. The ultimate plan is to capture power permanently by sidelining the democratic forces. Although the leaders in the Left front are not clean and those who are alleged to be involved in heavy corruption deals, the front is trying to give the slogan of political stability and economic prosperity to attract the voters. A joint team has already been assigned by the Left parties in alliance to draft a populist election manifesto.
Now, NC and other small parties, to save their political existence, are trying to forge a greater democratic alliance, even though, the partners in alliance are not confident in blocking the Left alliance from bagging necessary majority in forming the government. Therefore, the partners in the greater democratic alliance are trying to develop a situation from which the upcoming elections can be postponed.
Delhi is very much surprised from sudden breakdown of the 12-point Delhi agreement by the Left forces. There is a saying in our society that one should face the result of what a person has done. Through the 12-point Delhi agreement Delhi had wished to grab the Nepali politics under its control. To some extent it became successful. Through a conspiracy the institution of monarchy was removed; Nepal was declared as a secular nation and federalism was introduced to destroy Nepal economically and always suppress an economically weak Nepal by Delhi. In this mission, important organs needed to run a nation were intentionally destroyed. Finally, the result came negative and ultimately the country is in the course of adopting a communist rule. If elections are held on schedule, it is sure that nobody can stop the Left alliance from obtaining necessary majority and ruling the nation for the next five years by distributing populist dreams to the people.
UML chairman KP Sharma Oli has already claimed that now he is not thinking about bagging simple majority but he is concerned about bagging two-thirds majority. If voters are attracted from the slogan of political stability and prosperous economy, one cannot undermine bagging two-thirds majority by the Left alliance as the other greater democratic alliance is of small parties enjoying power without the mandate of the people but taking benefit of the coalition governments for a long time. There is daylight loot by the leaders in the government, from which the voters are fed up. The people are reluctant to vote to the parties without having any political ideology, vision and programmes, except from performing opportunist behavior and joining the government by creating bargaining power.
Now is the time to see the political drama further.

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