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The Hope: The recipe for presentation skill

HOPEKiran Marahatta, a renowned interviewer of ABC Television currently based in New York, published a book entitled The Hope which set a record breaking popularity for interview skill. It is a useful and important manuscript which refers great ideas of questioning in both terms of content and conduct. The Hope released by a successful publication, Dukura Publications, is a standard form of journalistic skills that deserve to sharpen anyone to be a good presenter and reporter. Marahatta, a most successful television presenter, has poured his experiences and researches to explore journalistic quality in this book. This is a master piece in the sector of journalism. Marahatta has conducted more than 3 thousand TV shows and considered as the front player in skill and style that’s why the hope naturally became a milestone in the field. The Hope is a complete package of art, skill, style and advancement in journalism that’s why, according to the publisher, journalism practitioner, student, researchers and educational institutions are the major buyer.
Some of his television interviews included in the book has given weight to the book. Those are significant examples of great interviews.  The last interview of than Minister Posta Bahadur Bogati and first interview in Nepali media of CNN journalist Kiran Chhetri are enough to learn not only interview preparation but also to present questions and dig out information’s. It refers some serious information about the situation and impact of modern media regarding coverage materials and rumors. Anyone should read this book to get informed about better presentation skill, question making format and research for interview.
Going through it readers find not only ideas of interviews and reporting but also some human experiences such as some of points referred by CNN journalist Kiran Chhetri regarding mismanagement, personal life and professional reasonability. The Hope has included interviews of some renown figures who lead political and socioeconomic sectors in Nepal. The way of questioning to dig out their secrets and hidden opinions are some sound examples of the best interview.  Those interviews are also very fruitful to know the current situation of the country.
In conclusion, the hope was released on June 2017 in the US and Nepal, is amost significant book that prescribe a huge amount of ides and styles of interviewing and research skills which is a good contribution in journalism. The book already got a huge commercial success. After successful completion of the first edition Dikura Publications has announced to release second edition of the Book very soon.

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