Wednesday , September 19 2018
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Ganging-up for power

By Our Reporter
The CPN UML, Maoist Center and Naya Shakti Party have given a big surprise to the democratic forces in the country by announcing a 6-point agreement in bagging necessary majority, if possible, two thirds majority with the capacity of amending the constitution. The agreement states unification of the Left parties will come in the days to come. Unannounced but the already decided agreement is to share power by the two big Left parties turn-by-turn. In the first round, KP Oli will lead the purely Left government for two and a half years and in the second round, Pushpakamal Dahal Prachanda will lead the government for the left two and a half years – in the complete tenure of five years of the federal parliament. It has also been decided to share 50 percent representation from both the parties in the parliament, cabinet and other important constitutional posts. The present effort of Oli and Dahal is to capture power permanently, if possible, amending the constitution as per their wish by giving more Leftist flavor.
A big jolt has been witnessed in the Nepali politics from this sudden announcement of the agreement by the Left forces. The Nepali Congress is facing a serious threat on its existence. Also, other small parties, which were involved in bargaining politics, have also felt a serious threat on their existence. To avoid the sole domination of the Leftists in Nepali politics, now foreign forces have again become active to forge a greater democratic alliance among the six democratic parties under the leadership of the NC. NC is in a serious crisis as it alone cannot stop the Left force from bagging majority, however, in the process of forging greater democratic alliance also, the party is facing problem as the small parties are bargaining for more seats in the parliament. Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba is even thinking about dismissing the ministers representing the Maoist Center but he is waiting for the expiring of the tenure of the present Parliament. NC, which has felt difficult to stop the Left front from obtaining necessary majority, is even thinking about postponement of the elections.
Thus Nepali politics has been polarized into two sections just to grab power and organize rampant loot of the government coffer. The Nepali people have not seen any rays of hope in making the nation prosperous even if any of the group will bag a simple majority and rule the nation for five years as the leaderships are the same who are heavily involved in different corruption allegations. By demonstrating power they have forcefully kept their cases pending in the Commission for Investigation on Abuse of Authority (CIAA).

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