Tuesday , September 25 2018

Wrong path

By PR Pradhan

pushpa-columnRead a news report stating that the government has decided to construct buildings for all the local bodies. The report further states that thousands of earthquake victims are compelled to celebrate their Dasain festival in temporary huts even after two years of the devastating earthquake. As the victims were unable to receive the aid committed by the government, they were unable to construct their own house. Reports state, the mainstream political parties spent billions of rupees in the local-level elections. Also, the candidates spent huge amounts of money to get victory.
Reports state that the Election Commission spent billions of rupees to hold the local elections which were recorded as the highest amount compared to the EC’s expenditure in holding elections in the past. Reports state that the Election Commissioners are riding expensive vehicles worth 15 million rupees.
Reports state that Nepal’s foreign trade is declining since the introduction of the multiparty democracy and in recent years, the trade deficit is highest by many folds compared to the past.
Reports state that the spinning and textile factories established and operated during the Panchayat era were operating in full capacity by producing quality textiles and providing employment to thousands of Nepalis. These factories were closed down due to heavy politicization of the factory management.
Today, above 5 million youths are abroad doing different jobs. They left the country as the country was unable to provide employment to them. The country has been highly politicized instead of industrialization being developed. The leaders are talking about “loktantra” and making money for themselves, for their families and for their relatives. They are not concerned about nation building. Since the introduction of multiparty democracy, this scribe has seen that the political leaders who were wearing chappals became multi-billionaires overnight but the country is becoming poorer and poorer. The political leaders define their profession as “politics” without hesitation. When their profession is politics, they have made politics as tools for making money. If they had joined politics for service or social work, they would do something for the nation and the Nepali people. As they are doing politics, we are witnessing very worst economic scenario of the nation. If the present trend will continue in politics, it is obvious that the country will face a serious crisis. To save the nation from such a pathetic situation, the process of politicization in every sector has to be ended soon and there should be sole concentration on infrastructural development.

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