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Indian design to keep UML out of power

By Our Reporter
As the UML took a patriotic stance in recent years, India has decided to punish the UML by keeping it out from power at least for the next ten years so that the party’s existence will be finished.
In the local elections in No 2 province, India had planned to bring down the UML to the fourth position by forging election alliance among NC, Maoist Center and Madhesh Janadhikar Forum Nepal. However, Delhi didn’t get total success in doing so, nevertheless, UML has lost elections in many places.
Earlier, the UML leaders had claimed that it will become the first party in No 2 province also as the party stood at No 1 position in the local elections in other 6 provinces.
NC and Maoist Center leaders, following the advice from Delhi, have decided to continue NC-Maoist alliance in the forthcoming provincial and federal parliament elections also. Mainly in the Tarai districts, alliance among NC, Maoist and RJP-N will be developed as per the Indian design to corner UML.
Even if UML emerges as the largest party in the federal parliament elections, UML will not be allowed to form the government as it has been decided to continue the alliance between NC and Maoist for a long term. NC and Maoist, along with other small parties, will form the government by sidelining UML, this is the design of Delhi.

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