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lilamani Paudel

OBOR is not a loss project: Ambassador Lilamani Poudel

lilamani PaudelBy Pushpa Raj Pradhan lately in Beijing

Talking to a group of journalists visiting Beijing, Lilamani Poudel, Nepali ambassador to China said that none of the countries will face loss from the OBOR Initiative.
Among the South Asian countries, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Afghanistan and even India are the beneficiaries from their bilateral relations with China, he explained and said that Nepal is the country which ranks at last number, even below Afghanistan among the countries benefiting from China.
Although, India has not joined OBOR initiative, she has been enormously benefited from Indo-China bilateral relations, the Nepali envoy said.
As Nepal will face no loss from OBOR, Nepal has joined OBOR, he said.
Now, it is high time to implement OBOR by identifying national priorities, he said and urged the journalists for not creating dispute on the Chinese support to Nepal.
“What I have understood about the Chinese mindset is that she wants economic prosperity and political stability in Nepal,” the envoy said.
“There is no any alternate to China-India cooperation for economic prosperity of South Asia,” he briefed.
Talking about OBOR initiative, the envoy explained, “Obviously, China wants to develop a market for her products and if the neighbouring countries’ purchasing power will not increase, they cannot buy Chinese products. Therefore, China wants to make rich her neighbouring countries so that Chinese products can be consumed,” he explained.
Poudel, talking about the activities of the Nepal Mission in Beijing, said that in the last eight months, the Embassy organized 19 big programmes in seven cities of China. Besides, above 200 small programmes have been organized by the Embassy related to trade, tourism, investment, among others.
He said that 55 percent growth was witnessed in Chinese tourists visiting Nepal from November to June, however, due to some negative reporting in the media, the number has declined at present.
“Presently, we are in damage control process by organizing a trip of Chinese journalists to go to Nepal,” Poudel said.
Finally, Poudel said, “To strengthen sovereignty and independence of the nation, first of all, the nation should have to be economically strong.

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