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Gorkhaland movement enters 50th day:West Bengal Government adamant to foil it

By Our Reporter
gorkhaland-protest-The Gorkhaland movement is completing its 50th day today (Thursday). However, the political parties and the people have not stopped organising rallies while they have given continuity to the general strike in Darjeeling and other areas of the hills.
The West Bengal Government has applied every measure, including blockade to foil the movement but in vain.
The leaders of the agitating political parties, as demanded by them, reached New Delhi to hold talks with the central governmnet instead of sitting for dialogues with the West Bengal Government. The first meeting of the agitating parties and the federal government representatives held on Tuesday. However, the outcomes were not reported.
Earlier, the 30-member Gorkhaland Movement Coordination Committee (GMCC), a body of all the Hill parties including the GJM, made it clear that the GMCC would not have any say as regards withdrawing the strike in the hills.
“The GMCC has no role to play as far as withdrawing the bandh is concerned. The GJM had called it and only the GJM can withdraw it,” BimalGurung of GJM was quoted saying.
At a press meet held in Darjeeling, Gurung also condemned the police action in which six demonstrators were killed in June.
“All our programmes are being carried out peacefully and in a democratic way but unfortunately, the state government is trying to portray the movement as an undemocratic one and using brutal force to curb it,” he said.
He also denied the allegations that the GJM had a “tacit understanding” with the Maoists.
However, as there have not been any sign about the end of the movements, the people have been facing problems including food shortages. The people walked to Pashupatinagar to buy food.
Some social and humanitarian organisations have started distributing foods the to the affected people in the hills.
The State Government has imposed a blockade on the supply of food to the hills in a bid to weaken the movement launched demanding creation of separate Gorkhaland province in the hill.
Although politicians in Nepal have not uttered any word against atrocity meted out against the people in Darjeeling, the Nepalese people have been expressing solidarity to the movement.
The State Government of the largest democracy has severed the hills from Internet services while it also banned a Nepali Language television to prevent the people from getting access to information.
The inhuman and undemocratic activities of the West Bengal Government have made mockery of democracy while the Central Government is hesitating to address the genuine demands of the people citing filtration of foreign forces in the ongoing movement.
Consequently, the people of Darjeeling is facing the toughest period in their life.

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