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Will there be war between India and China?

By Our Reporter
The military standoff between India and China is continuing at Doklam, near the Bhutan-China border. Although, there is a media war between the two countries, until now, both the sides have not opened fire against each other. India and China had fought a war in 1962 and India had been defeated in the war in a humiliating manner.
This time, the Indians are saying that this is not the 1962 India. The Chinese side, in response to such an Indian claim, said that China too is not of the 1962 era. Understandably, in 1962, China’s per capita income was far less than the per capita income of India. Today, China is the second largest economy in the world and both economically as well as militarily, India is far behind China. If India will start a war with China, it will be suicidal, say military observers.
Border dispute to attract voters:
The BJP government in India, to win the voters’ sympathy, has created dispute with China, say diplomatic observers. The BJP wants to strengthen party organization at home by challenging China, however, the BJP government is not in a mood to fight with China at the present situation, they say.
Internationally too, on the eve of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the US, the Indian military was deployed to create obstacles in the Chinese construction in the Doklam area.
It has been taken as Modi’s efforts to draw attention of the Americans that still there is the threat of China towards India. However, at the present context, the Europeans cannot come to support India if in case there will be a war in between India and China as the European countries are facing financial crisis as well. Also, the US is asking both the sides to resolve the present dispute through talks. China has said that without withdrawal of the Indian military from Doklam area, talks are not possible.
Doklam: whose territory?:
Doklam is the territory claimed by Bhutan as her land.
According to Melkularanagara Bhadrakumar, former Indian ambassador to Russia, in his write-up in the Strategic Culture Journal published on 11 July, in accordance to the treaty held in 1890 in between the then British India and Sikkim, it is stated that Doklam is Chinese territory. Only in 2000, Bhutan has claimed Doklam as her land.
In the 60s, India had developed a map for Bhutan. In this map, the Indians have included Doklam in the Bhutani territory.
The other thing is that India has not deployed her military not to save her territory but to save the disputed territory claimed by Bhutan. The Bhutan embassy in Delhi, after sending an objection letter to the Chinese embassy in Delhi, has not made any further reaction. It seems, Bhutan is not serious on the issue, however, India, which believes Bhutan is an India protected nation, has deployed her military on behalf of Bhutan. The Bhutani people, on the other hand, are trying to get out from the Indian umbrella and thus in 2007, the existing India-Bhutan Friendship Treaty was modified by curtailing the Indian role in Bhutan.
The Bhutani people are anxious to establish diplomatic relations with China, however, they are afraid of the Indians. India, thus, wants to perform the role of a protector of Bhutan’s security just to win the hearts of the Bhutanese people, as next year Bhutan is going for a general election and India wants victory of a India friendly party in Bhutan.

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