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In Loving Memory

pradippratapbammallaLate Maj.Gen.  Pradip Pratap Bom Malla, (retd.)
[Photo] February  27,

July 16, 2017
Pradip Pratap Bom Malla was born in Calcutta in 1951, the youngest of four siblings (three brothers, one sister). His father, Kumar Naresh Bahadur Bom Malla was the son of Chandra Bahadur Bom Malla, the  Raja of Parbat & Shekham, and was involved in business in Calcutta. His mother, Rani Kumodini Rajya Laxmi Devi, was descended from a long line of military officers of the Jung branch of the Rana clan, her father Nur Jung, grandfather  Gen. Bahadur Jung,  great grandfather Commanding General Bhakhat Jung of Tibet  fame, and patriarch Rawant Singh Kunwar. Gen. Malla’s father was a founding member of the Nepali Congress and participated as a commander in the Revolution of 1950-51 that terminated the Rana regime.
Gen. Malla received his school education in Cambrain Hall, Dehra Dun, India and returned home to join the Royal Nepalese Army (RNA). He was trained at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst, England and in the “Special Forces’, U.S. He rose steadily through the ranks. He received many advanced trainings in the UK, United States, Norway, India and China. He completed his ‘Command and General Staff College’ at Fort Leavenworth, U.S. and simultaneously the ‘Masters of Arts and Science’ at North West University, U.S. He achieved the ‘War College’ at the National Defence University, China.
In the RNA, he distinguished himself, among others, as an Instructor of the Presidential Guards of the Republic of Gabon, the Chief Instructor at the RNA Academy, Chief Operation Officer at RNA headquarters (HQ) and Director of Military Operations (DMO) at Army-HQ. His crowning achievement was as Division Commander  of the Eastern Division in Itahari, and finally as Adjutant General at HQ. He was expected to rise very high on merit, but due to political and institutional machinations, he was denied further advancement.
He served with great distinction in United Nations Peace-Keeping Operations in Egypt and Lebanon, and as Deputy Chief Military Observer in former Yugoslavia.
He has received many medals and decorations, including from Gabon and the United Nations.
Besides his military career, and following his mother’s footsteps he was also involved in social work in his native Parbat.
He is survived by his wife, son and daughter.
The People’s Review team extends to them their heartfelt condolences and the fortitude to overcome their irreparable loss.

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