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Where is UTL?

By Our Reporter
There was a hue and cry against Ncell, a multinational joint-venture company providing mobile service, for manipulating tax. Different committees in the Parliament, media and the so-called intellectuals launched a campaign to defame Ncell on the charge of not paying tax to the government on its share transaction.
The previous company which was looking after the Ncell management sold its major shares to a new company. The outgoing company had to pay revenue tax but not by the buyer company to the government. At the time when share transfer deal was taking place, the government authorities have found saying that as the deal was held outside the country, the outgoing company should not pay the tax on transfer of the shares. In this way, major shares of the Ncell were transferred to the new management.
Of course, it is the duty of the government to collect tax from the outgoing company but the government is intended to defame Ncell and the new management there.
On the other hand, the Indian government protected UTL, which is also providing wireless telephone and mobile service in the country, is always disobeying in paying tax to the government. Time and again, the government has exempted tax on UTL, but every time, the very problem is existed. Our so-called intellectuals, media and MPs have always remained silent on the UTL’s case.

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