Thursday , September 20 2018
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Let State Assert

editA highly embittered younger generation in Nepal which has been waylaid by doctrinaire partisan politics is increasingly restive. A populist media, very much part of that partisan upbringing, continues to fuel that disenchantment with exposes of the political shenanigans ranging from the stupid to extreme impudence. Well-pursed activities in the social sector manned by the newly educated and affiliated which ever way with the same partisan politics continue to hammer the grass roots with awareness and empowerment programs that question every behavior of the political class but delve little into the actual causes behind such behavior knowing very well that the current crop of politicians are themselves victims to the early indoctrination of classic political thought and organizations. In a sense, the very education as part of political mobilization of the established political parties continues at an even rapid phase and the mistakes committed on the current crop of leaders are being repeated manifolds on the aspiring generation without even a semblance of attempt to correct. The result is impending. Frustration and urgency combined make the situation very volatile.
The fact of the matter is that our politicians have engrossed themselves in chain-less organizational entanglements that cannot but feed on a system with a shrinking cake and bloated non-national contributions. The impact of occidental manipulations within the country is increasingly obvious as is the political cannibalization of national resources. The media cannot pretend to hide this and the resort to sensationalizing the anomalies merely fuels popular awareness of the faults of the system without in depth knowledge of the actual causes. The actual beneficiaries are the middle-men and the tragedy is that politics is now firmly within their grips.  Middle men politics find it convenient to stifle industry and growth and even take advantage of the export of labor. Middle men politics cannot but benefit from the erosion of the service and education sectors as the demand for quality will spill-over outside the country from which profits are to be lured. The wanton destruction of preciously built infrastructure has logic therefore. Rebuilding them means extra money for middle men while the absence outright means more money from created demands. All along the nation looses and continues to loose but our political pimps and their overlords elsewhere. ‘Dismantling the state’ is a theme that has cropped up time and again in these columns ever since the weekly took to print. We continue to underline that the trend has been exacerbated and is so evident that the partisan media and the intelligentsia has a purpose in shirking from actual discussions of the causes and effects. Their overlords in the pimping industry would not gain if the nation asserts. This loose-loose situation merely perpetuates the slide but the effects on a restive mass are now surfacing radically. If the nation delays in providing the answers solutions may come from elsewhere. These will damage the state further since hey will not have national interest in mind.

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