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Tribute to great poet Bhanubhakta

By Dirgha Raj Prasai
Dirgha-Raj-PrasaiToday, 29 Asar is the 204th memorial birthday of the great pioneer poet Bhanubhakta  Acharya. Bhanubhakta was born on 29th Asar 1871 B.S. at Chundi Ramgha of Tanahun district and died at the same place in 1925 B.S. Babubhaka translated the Ramayan  into Nepali and so was instrumental in taking Ramayan to every citizen of Nepal. the credit therefore goes to Bhanubhakta for making Nepali language common for all Nepalese as many a Nepali read the Nepali version of Ramayan.Many therefore became aware of Nepal as a nation and the great legacy continues.Bhamubhakta was able to compose a poem on any subject on the spot  from a very early age and his poems were deftly thought-provoking, humorous and even satirical at times.
In one of his writings Babubhakta writes as to how he was greatly impressed by the farsightedness of an ordinary grass-cutter who had dug a well for the service of the people with the earnings of his lifrtime. The grasscutter opened the eyes of Bhanubhakta so that he could contribute to create a way for Nepali nationality. This great pioneer poet had contributed for the unity of Nepali in his time and in this way been able to impress all and to keep his name immortal. Babubhakta dared to write his poems in Nepali unlike the trend of that time and he wrote on various subject specially the way of Nepali life and natural beauty. He showed a lot of gut by criticizing the devilishly dreaded autocratic regime of Ranas.
bhanuBhanubhakta is immortal in Nepal and the literary world. Bhanubhakta’s contribution to the world are his  works like  the- Ramayana, Ram Gita, BandhuSiksha along with a number of poems which all play a vital role in the promotion of our common man;s language and literature. Bhanubhakta was of the opinion that in reality every individual is a book but we should be anle to read them. Learning a lesson from the poor grass cutter (Ghanshi) who relates that he was building a public rest house selling the grass, bhanubhakta got the inspiration to do some creative work and so was able to carve his name in the hearts of the Nepalese people and litterers as he was one of those who did not want to carve his name on marble.
Bhanubhaktawrote Ramayan translating the BamikiRamayan, Sanskrit to Nepali. It was become popular among the Nepalese people, all castes and tribes- inside and out site. It helped the Nepali language also to be familiar.
When Bhanubhakta arrived for the first time in Kathmandu, he had visited Balaju and was highly impressed by the beauty of Balaju and he wrote a poem which is ever green.The geist of the poem in English is as follows:
‘Lively young women Chapala and Apala with flowers in their hair,
Walk about me with their friends without a care.
They walk about with dreams that are all their own;
In this heavenly city named Kantipur

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