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Rejection of Maoist agendas

By Our Reporter

In the sec ond phase of local elections, the Maoist Center, compared to the first CA elections, has received very nominal votes. The Maoist Center has not been able to show its presence in urban areas. In rural municipalities also, NC and UML have strongly dominated the election. Even after alliance with the NC and different other political parties, the Maoist Center (MC) has not been able to secure the post of the chief of local units in 40 local units. This is more than three times below than the UML’s victory in the posts of local unit chiefs.

Even in Rolpa, considered to be the headquarters of the Maoists, MC has lost in three local areas.

As presumed, the UML has stood as the largest party in spite of the Indian wish. NC has become only second largest party, whereas, although it remains as the third largest party, MC has lost its height. RPP, a pro-Monarchy and pro-Hindu party has stood as the fourth largest party with better performance compared to the first phase local level elections. Besides, RPP, by bagging the posts of Ward Chairman and Ward Member, has shown its presence nationwide. Nevertheless, INGOs’ role was witnessed in defeating RPP’s candidates in the INGOs dominating areas.

Challenges for the MC:

The voters’ craze for the MC is continuously being reduced. Except from some leaders, many MC leaders may face strong challenges in the upcoming federal parliament elections. As we all know, in the second CA elections, Pushpakamal Dahal was very badly defeated from the Kirtipur constituency. From Siraha constituency also, he was declared victorious through a conspiracy. In fact, he was defeated in the election. Dahal may not dare to contest elections from Kirtipur or Siraha again. He has thus wished to contest elections from Chitwan constituency. With this plan, he has tried his best for the victory of his daughter Renu Dahal. When Renu was going to be defeated by the UML candidate, at the last hours, with the plan of re-polling, the Maoist cadres had torn the ballot papers. Chitwan too is not a safe place for the Maoist supremo Dahal. This is not only the problem of Dahal alone, but many influential leaders in the Maoist Center who are also facing such a crisis.

Voters discard caste and communal politics:

Considering the face of the elected candidates in the local units all over the country, it can easily be assumed that the voters have rejected the artificial division on the basis of castes and communality encouraged by the West and campaigned by the Maoists. The voters have demonstrated unity among the diverse communities.

Question on the Maoist agendas:

Dahal, among other MC leaders, never forgets to claim that the Maoists were able to introduce secularism, federalism and republicanism through the comprehensive peace agreement followed by the present constitution. If these were the MC’s agendas and if the voters had adopted these agendas, without condition, the MC should have swept the local elections. Contradictorily, the very traditional forces, UML and NC have become able to establish themselves as the first and second largest parties. On the other hand, RPP, which aims to restore monarchy and Hindu religion by removing federal structure, has emerged as the fourth largest party along with its presence in all the local units.

To conclude, the voters have rejected the Maoist agenda or say the agenda of the West.

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