Tuesday , September 18 2018

Dirgha-Raj-PrasaiBy Dirgha Raj Prasai

23 Aasar (7 July) is the 71th auspicious Birthday of former King Gyanendra. On this day, thousands of people visit Nirmal Niwas, private residence of the former King, to extend Birthday wishes to their beloved King. Besides Kathmandu Valley, people from different parts of the country come to Kathmandu just to wish happy birthday to the former King. This is an example that still people have strong belief on the institution of monarchy.

Since 2006, we the Nepalese are passing the worst time in the history of Nepal. In absence of the institution of monarchy, the country is facing serious crisis. As the institution of monarchy is the symbol of national unity, in absence of the institution, our sovereignty and independence is under serious threat. The foreign puppet political leaders are performing total surrenderism to the foreign powers, the nation is facing crisis.

Against the aspirations of the Nepali people, Nepal was declared a secular, federal republic in the sole interests of the Indo-West alliance.

The Indo-West alliance became successful on their mission after investing a huge amount of money on our political leaders. The Maoist “people’s war” was solely sponsored by the Indo-West alliance. The sole design of this “people’s war” was to create instability in Nepal as under the institution of monarchy, Nepal had remained politically stable and economically prosperous nation.

The Nepali monarchs always stood as a pillar for safeguarding national interests, national sovereignty and national independence, which became a hurdle to fulfill their interests to the foreign powers. The Indian wish was to bring Nepal under her security umbrella like Bhutan. On the other hand, the Westerners were trying to make their stronghold in Nepal just to play against India and China. As we all know, the Westerners are playing the politics of religion. The westerners are trying to make their stronghold in Nepal like underdeveloped countries through religion. In this mission, the West is trying to spread the Christian community in the developing countries. The Christian mercenaries and the INGOs were making all efforts to converse Nepali having belief on the Hindu religion into Christian. However, during the existence of the institution of monarchy, it became very difficult. There was the rule of law in the country and our law had prohibited conversion of religion. In existence of the Institution of monarchy, it became a Herculean task for the Westerners to converse the Hindus and Buddhists into Christians. Therefore, they decided to defame the Institution of monarchy and finally removed the Institution.

Since removal of the Institution of monarchy, the Christian community has been increasing tremendously. If this trend will continue, within decades, Nepal, a Hindu nation, will have dominating population of the Christians in the near future.

Today, Nepal has become a battlefield of India and the West. Until existence of the Institution of monarchy, there was a joint mission of the Indians and the Westerners to end the Institution. After accomplishing this mission, the Indian interests and the Western interests have been differed and currently both the forces are competing in Nepal to hold this country under their grip.

To conclude, as Nepal has become the battlefield of the foreign powers, the country’s sovereignty and independence have been threatened. To save the nation along with its sovereignty and independence, Nepal should be declared a Hindu Kingdom. There are no other options left. Let us be united and fight against the foreign powers and their puppets in the country to save Nepal, let’s restore the institute of monarchy to save Nepal, a historical country having the history and culture of more than five thousand years.

Now, the only way would be the acceptance and restoration of benevolent and people-oriented monarchy with Hindu kingdom to keep the Nepal’s sovereignty and its prestigious identities intact. So, on the auspicious 71th Birthday of King Gyanendra we should demand to restore the constitutional monarchy for the goodness of Nepal.


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