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Mounting Problems


The conclusion of the second phase of elections to local government Wednesday (yesterday) will have brought the bulk of the country theoretically under local government. The second phase saw it possible under stricter security supervision than in the first and the third phase is due in a little over two …

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Gorkhaland Up in Arms

By Prabasi Nepali Gorkhaland Imbroglio The West Bengal Chief Minister, Ms. Mamata Bannerji has unnecessarily precipitated a major political crisis in the northern part of the state by demanding by executive order that Bengali be taught as a compulsory language in all schools of the district. For the people of …

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Waking Up Nepal


By P. Kharel Noted scribe Pradeep Nepal, who is also a politician of “progressive” brand, is known for his sharp and generally candid comments. He wrote in the Gorkhapatra daily in May 2017 seeking Nepalis to write own history instead of depending upon foreign nationals who wrote our history under …

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Modi’s belated US visit and what it may portend

Photo for American angle

BY M.R. JOSSE GAITHERSBURG, MD: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in the United States on a two-day official visit Sunday; on Monday, he will hold talks with American President Donald Trump, who is hosting a working dinner at the White House in his honour. While a comprehensive appreciation of …

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Hungary approves crackdown on foreign NGOs

On Tuesday, Hungary’s parliament approved a strict new law against nonprofits that receive foreign funds, defying calls from the European Parliament to drop the bill. The move was largely seen as part of right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s bid to control public discourse and a way to curtail the influence …

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Dynamics of Indian society

By Dr. Kan Once, secular India, as perceived by its founding fathers, immediately after decolonisation, has become a true Hindu state. Today, this danger is being felt by almost all political parties (less BJP and its allies) and particularly the non-Hindu minorities, which once were the symbol of secularism. Today, …

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The loss of innocence

By Happymon Jacob The unprofessional behaviour of the young — perhaps even well-meaning — Army Major in the Kashmir Valley is proof of how an aggressive political establishment, and the ‘popular’ support it enjoys, can transform the unlawful act into a nationalist issue. Otherwise, how is it that pinning a …

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Tibet attracts unprecedented investment from central SOEs

LHASA, June 14 (Xinhua) — Southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region is set to see a record influx of investment from central state-owned enterprises (SOEs) as the region has signed cooperation agreements with 36 central SOEs for 347 projects. The agreements, inked Tuesday at a meeting on strategic cooperation in Lhasa, …

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