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Will we again see a false dream?

By D.M.Thapa
Let us not wait for one hundred days, the so called honeymoon period of the new government, before saying something about it.
First of all like this author has mentioned time and again the new prime minister Sher Bahadur Deuba is inept and lacks political vision. The usual routine of all new prime ministers going to India first and then to China is not enough. This is just a foreign jaunt to them, though they make loud claims of how fruitful their visits were when they land back at the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA).
It is sure the Foreign Ministry guys are scrambling to fix the first visit of the new prime minister to India and then escorting him to China. Considering the frequent changes of prime ministers in Nepal, it is sure both India and China are tired of hosting Nepali prime ministers at frequent intervals.
The bureaucracy is really corrupt here in Nepal, they became more corrupt and weak when they had to hang on to the tails of politicians. The Foreign Ministry is no different though it boasts of having the cream members of the bureaucracy. They are corrupt like most government officials and they follow what political leaders tell them to do, except while going abroad as diplomats.
Just recently ambassadors were appointed, all on party basis. What can these persons achieve when they act purely for partisan priorities and not for national interests? In fact this is the situation in virtually all sectors, the parties want to appoint party-men instead of good men.
Meanwhile the officials in the Foreign Ministry are quite satisfied, as their turn also comes to be diplomats whether junior ones or ambassadors. Their only thought is to make money in dollars and enjoy their stay in a foreign country.
The present government led by a weak prime minister will probably trumpet with fanfare if it can hold the second phase of local elections. Otherwise forget one hundred days the government led by Deuba and supported by opportunist parties like RPP, will not be able to do anything even in one thousand days.
The nation needs a dynamic leader, not persons who have already become prime minister for several times. What has Deuba achieved when he was prime minister for three times before? We must just follow his track record before believing any magnificent promises he might make. Just going to India and China is not enough. Concrete and far reaching plans have to be made for the betterment of Nepal in the long run.
Well, we hope Deuba does well now, at least than what he did before and not mumble a few words of assurance which hardly anyone understands. Well, as long as leaders like these are here we are compelled to live with false dreams.

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