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PM Sher Bahadur to visit India immediately after second phase poll

By Our Reporter
sherAny Prime Minister of Nepal hurries to embark for New Delhi immediately after assuming the high office in Kathmandu. Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba is not an exception. The unusual haste made by almost all prime ministers of Nepal to visit India after reaching power makes Nepalis suspect whether our PMs have to submit ‘letters of credence’ to the Indian government for the recognition of their ascent to power. Otherwise, why there is rush to fulfill the first duty!
According to sources close to PM Deuba, he has already started preparing to pay a visit to India. Had there not been the second phase local poll scheduled for June 28, Deuba would have flown to Delhi within a few days.
Maybe, PM Deuba has nothing in his mind now except holding the local polls and embarking for New Delhi sojourn taking scores of ministers, lawmakers, businessmen, employees and journalists. However, holding polls on June 28 has emerged as Herculean task for PM Deuba after the Madhes-based parties decided to boycott and disrupt it.
It is reported that after Deuba’s visit to new Delhi, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will visit Nepal to inaugurate the Arun III hydro project being developed by an Indian company SJVN Ltd at the cost of INR 57.23 billion.
Modi visited Nepal twice in August and November of 2014.

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