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“Ani Deurali Runchha” at Shilpee Theatre

image004A play titled “Ani Deurali Runchha” is being staged at Shilpee Theatre, Battisputali. The play by Man Bahadur Mukhiya, which was staged during the 1970s in and outside the country, is being staged at the theatre under the direction of Jeevan Baral.  The play explores into the problems of feudalism, caste-based discrimination, poverty, foreign employment, among others that were prevalent then.
It takes place in Dharapani Dolakha, a village, where an event in the life of one of the characters makes an impact on many others’.
Juna (Janbi Bohara) who has an affair with Amber (Anil Subba) gets married to him secretly. Her father Ranadhoj (Chandra Prasad Pandey) wants his youngest daughter Maiya (Kopila Dhakal) to marry Bahadure (Narsis Lingden). So he borrows a loan from Chudhanath (Safar Pokharel) at a high interest rate even putting up his house as collateral. But Maiya elopes. so now Juna has to get married to Bahadure.
The flashback technique has been used to narrate past events and is interesting to watch. The characters and storyline are able to reflect the conflict between the haves and have-nots. Chaturman (Niraj Subedi), Chudhanath’s assistant, is as smart as his name. He leaves no stone unturned to accomplish his plan and is able to reflect it in his act.
The use of child actors Kavya Baral, Muna Pandey and Sandesh Pandey to show the involvement and excitement of children in weddings lends the play the real feel of weddings.
The set also gives the feel of a village setting. Pandhero — water source, hills, kulo — small canal, et cetera and the use of colloquial language give a rustic feeling to the play.
Loonibha Tuladhar makes the audience laugh. As Maya, a young village girl, and mother-in-law it is fun to watch Tuladhar. Chandra Prasad ably shows the tensions and responsibilities of a father.
The songs and music narrate the plight of people living in rural areas and their lifestyles. The play shows many social problems but there are chances that the audience may feel the story to be outdated as the play tells of the time during 1970s when it was originally staged.
The play is being staged everyday at 5:00 pm till June 19, except on Tuesdays, with an additional staging on Saturdays at 1:00 pm.

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