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So what will happen now?

By D.M.Thapa
Well, finally Pushpa Kamal Dahal has resigned as prime minister, the top post in the government. This is the second time he has resigned as prime minister before he completed his term. Not that I admire this man, because he caused a lot of misery to hundreds of thousands of Nepalese people in the so called “People’s War”.
But Dahal is still a far cry from the likes of late Girija Prasad Koirala who stuck on the prime minister’s seat even when he could not go to his office in Singha Durbar and conducted government business from his bedroom in Baluwatar.
His daughter SujataKoirala, actually married to a German national, was crazy about money and she took full advantage when her father was the prime minister. The father and daughter duo were the ones who also sold money making government undertakings like the Harisiddhi Brick Factory, Bansbari Shoe Factory and two flying jet planes of the then RNAC at a pittance and took huge commissions. According to rumoursSujata also liked the company of males and she constantly had her selection of “toy boys”.
The Maoist problem and a lot of other miseries that had to be suffered by the Nepali people came because of the greed and lack of vision of late Girija and lackeys like retired IGP AchyutKharel, Home Secretary Padam Prasad Pokhrel and many others who were given powerful positions just because they caught the suruwal of Girija. It cannot be imagined how much setback they caused for the nation how almost all the countrymen had to suffer for their mistakes.
Now to come back to the resignation of Dahal, it could be a clever political ploy or a strategy of a cunning politician like this man. Otherwise he could easily have stayed on until the completion of the second phase of local election.
Those people in the Election Commission, specially the Chief Election Commissioner should have resigned, when he had repeatedly said the local election would be held in one phase, but it looks like they are also under the grip of the government and actually are not truly independent. It is another story that the second phase of local election has also been postponed further.
For now, the most alarming thing is that a buffoon like SherBahadurDeuba is most likely to succeed Pushpa Kamal Dahal as prime minister. Deuba not only lacks vision, he is a totally inept politician. The so called mainstream media never mentions this, but wasn’t it when he was prime minister that local elections were not held though the time had already arrived. This was the main reason why former King Gyanendra had sacked him for the first time. He had put a ransom on the head of his present coalition partner Pushpa Kamal Dahal and other comrades in his party. We saw and are now experiencing that politics definitely makes strange bed partners. But you like it or not it was late Girija who started it all.
Deuba will not be able to do anything better than Girija or Dahal. In fact he will fare worse. Probably Nepal’s neighboursChina and India are also tired in inviting so many prime ministers of this country to come on a visit. After all almost twenty prime ministers have been made in Nepal in the last 20 years. Like mentioned before in this column, why don’t the media at least mention that it was due to the weakness of the presently mainstream political parties that this could not be done.
If we are to go by the results of the first phase of local level election, the ordinary Nepali public will still be the mercy of the three parties, namely the CPN (UML), Nepali Congress and the CPN Maoist Center. The RPP has been thrashed in almost all districts, mostly due to the “pendulum” attitude of party president Kamal Thapa, who swings to one side or the other when he thinks it suits him. This party is also no good and there should be no sympathy at their embarrassing defeat, though it tried to cash in on the monarchy and Hinduism issues.
The country has already witnessed the rule of the so called three big parties, but now it needs a leader who is visionary, patriotic and who wants to see betterment of the Nepali people. Can this happen? At least the greed and personal interests of the present lot of political leaders and lackeys, give no such indication. So a “ShundaraShantaNepal” could be a far flung dream for those of us who remain here and not flee abroad.

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