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Will Nepal join OBOR?

By Our Reporter
China is hosting One Belt One Road Summit in Beijing on 14 and 15 May. Above 65 nations including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka from the South Asian region are also participating the Summit.
A Baluatar source informed that Nepal has decided to send a high-level delegation led by DPM and Finance Minister Krishna BahadurMahara. Minister for Physical Planning and Construction Ramesh Lekhak, Foreign Minister Prakashsaran Mahat, Commerce Minister Romi Gauchan Thakali, foreign secretary, among others will also be included in the delegation. The cabinet meeting has to approve the visit.
A Foreign Ministry source informed that the government has not done any homework regarding Nepal’s role in the OBOR Summit.
There is only ten daysleft to start the Summit but Nepal’s preparation is still at the primary level.
Prime Minister PushpakamalDahal, during his visit to Beijing, had expressed the commitment with the senior Chinese leaders that Nepal would sign on the OBOR initiative before the summit. But until now, the Nepal government has not finalized the draft of the agreement.
According to the very source in the Foreign Ministry, Nepal wants to get clearance from India before signing on the agreement. Nepal is waiting for a draft to be received from Delhi regarding Nepal’s stance on OBOR initiative, the source informed.
What if Delhi will not give the green signal?:
Delhi has some reservation on OBOR initiative. Therefore, Delhi is unlikely to attend the OBOR Summit. As other small countries in the South Asian region have already joined OBOR initiative of China, Delhi has remained alone in the region. Delhi, which feels regional power, may ask Nepal and Bhutan not to jointhe OBOR club to show her influence. If Delhi will give such an instruction to the present India-puppet government in Nepal, what will PM Dahal do on the Chinese offer for joining OBOR, it has not become clear.
Some observers speculate that to please the bosses in Delhi, Nepal may put forward some conditions on the draft of the agreement.
Nepal will miss the opportunity:
The present “loktantrik” Nepal is being ruled by those India-puppet political leaders. These leaders are not looking at the future of the nation, rather, they are serving Delhi’s interests. They are trying to please their Indian bosses just to prolong their tenure in the government. They are less bothered about Nepal’s prosperity.
If Nepal will become the member of OBOR, the country may get tremendous opportunities for development of its infrastructural sector. If Nepal will try to put conditions in joining the OBOR club, it will be a great loss to the nation.

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