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Dignity of Award

image0031Film is a powerful medium to bring social reality to the general public through colored pictures. The content of films should assimilate the contemporary reality. Film journalism is such a medium which should proclaim not only micro level social changes but also the nation’s whole system unexpectedly. Therefore, it is known as an influencing factor of the multi-dimensional social transformation.  In fact, film production is a social work. A film is created as a result of artistic coordination among film directors, producers and actors, photographers, film editors, sound controllers, art directors, and make-up. The film artists have wholeheartedly contributed to the significant social changes of Nepalese history. Nepalese film artists never showed their neutrality but always raised their voices against any injustice such as movement against tyrant kingship, invasion in frontier from external country or countries. However, the nation seems indifferent towards film sector and film artists. The nation regards film artists as merely ornament. The country is indifferent for the promotion of Nepali films. Nonetheless, some various active institutions have been providing several prizes, awards, and honors for encouraging film artists.  The article is focused on such issues.
Nepali films have successfully completed five decades after film production began in 1963
A.D. From the beginning till date, many changes have taken place in Nepali film sector. Many long-term changes have been institutionalized especially after the restoration of democracy in 1990 A.D. With the entry of private sector in the government controlled communication sector in film industries, many organizations have been established with the contribution of government, semi-government and private sector. These organizations have been bestowing upon numerous honors and awards to the active film artists involved in various genres. This is the matter of happiness for all film artists because award is the respect of quality work. Such honors and awards have widened the self-respect and identity of film artists.
Many organizations are active in Nepal in film acting, film production, direction, film journalism, film music, film research and publication of books. They include Film Development Board Nepal, Film Artists Association of Nepal, Film Director’s Guild of Nepal, Jayakali Publication Private Limited, Nepal Academy of Music and Drama, Nepali Literature Council, Nepal Film Technical Association, Nepal Film Development Company, Film Journalist Association Nepal, Nepal Academy, Nepal Film Producer’s Association and so on. Film Artists Association of Nepal, an umbrella organization of all film artists dedicated to artists’ right, welfare and promotion, has been honoring Film Artists Association Journalism Award, Shanti Maskey Award, Film Artists Association Newcomer Honor’ on various occasions. Similarly, Jayakali Publication is a leading publisher which has been contributing to Nepali Film Sector by publishing many research based books. In addition, the publication has been honoring with Best Seller Writer Award to an author among the books about films which have succeeded to be best sellers in the particular year.
The leading organization of film sector, Film Development Board, Nepal has been assisting the government of Nepal in formulation of policy. Not only this, the Board has been honoring film personalities contributed in film sectors with Awards entitled ‘Life Time Achievement Award’, ‘Best Film Directors’ Award’ , Best Film Writers’ Award’ and so on. Likewise, Nepal Film Development Company has also been honoring with different awards such as Best Film Award, Best Director Award. Another important organization established for bringing Nepali Film literature to international market is Nepali Literature Council. The organization has been honoring to the author of the best film with The Best Screenplay Award’ among the films based on marginalized people. Other organizations including Film Directors’ Guild of Nepal, Nepal Academy of Music and Drama, Nepal Film Technical Association, Film Journalists Association Nepal, Nepal Academy, Nepal Film Producer’s Association have been providing various professional trainings, coordinating with international organizations and honoring with many awards evaluating film artists’ contribution.
In this way, there are many organizations that bestow upon awards honoring film artists. However, film artists themselves are dissatisfied in the process of selection and distribution of such awards. In some cases, award distribution programs have been conducted despite protest and boycott of the awards by film artists. Therefore, the main factor of the award should be based on quality and meritocracy in the process of selection and distribution of the awards. The receiver of the award feel esteemed only if the award is dignified.

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