Sunday , September 23 2018
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Who will present the new budget?

By Our reporter
budget-2The government, after a gentleman agreement with the Madheshi Front, has decided to hold local elections in two phases. The first phase election is scheduled to take place on 14 May and the second phase on 14 June. As per the constitution, the budget for the new fiscal year has to be presented on 29 May. However, the Election Commission and also the UML have objected to the presentation of the budget by the government just two weeks ahead of the second phase of elections. Now, the government is exercising to present the budget only after conducting the second phase of elections. Prime Minister Pushpakamal Dahal’s internal wish was to hand-over power to SherBahadurDeuba after the presentation of the budget. As per the gentleman agreement between Deuba and Dahal, it was decided to hand-over power to Deuba after the first phase of elections. But, by prolonging the tenure for some days, Dahal wished to present the budget. Dahal was planning to give a populist budget to attract voters but his plan has been disturbed. The government has already started drafting of budget targeting public sentiment. The question is that will Deuba allow Dahal to hold the second phase election and also to present the new budget!

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