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Government unveils lists of insignificant achievements of nine months

By Our Reporter
The government last week unveiled the achievements made by Pushpa Kamal Dahal-led governmentt in the last nine months, including mostly insignificant achievements.
A lengthy press statement issued on Friday included 103 achievements made by the government. But most of the achievements were insignificant having no relations with the public.  The list includes formation of Local Level Restructuring Commission, making Kathmandu Valley free from load-shedding, announcing the date for local level elections and near-conclusion of the Melamchi drinking water project as the major achievements.
It stated that the government has succeeded to increase the economic growth rate in 24 years and has been able to drop the inflation to its lowest rate in 12 years.
However, in reality except for the end of load-shedding, the people have not realised  any change since  Dahal became PM in  August, 2016.
Above all the people have realised that national integrity and sovereignty weakened since Dahal’s ascent to power in the full backing of India.  Registration of the controversial constitution amendment bill to please the foreign powers resulted in the wastage of time since January to till now. The problem has not been resolved yet. Instead it is deepening. Now the government has registered more regressive amendment bill, which is sure cause a further division in the society.
Although the government announced the date of the local polls, it is still uncertain whether the polls will be held.
Likewise, Dahal succeeded to prevent Chinese President’s Nepal visit in October last year as per the plan of India. However, this achievement was cleverly excluded from the list of the achievements!
Moreover, the government has failed in moving ahead the reconstruction works in the quake-hit areas, and the victims are going to spend third monsoon in the temporarily makeshifts they erected immediately after the quake. The government changed the CEO of the National Reconstruction Authority, and the new NRA has been unable even to print adequate forms to be filled by the victims.  Works to rebuild the heritage sites are moving at snail’s pace.
The government has also failed to provide a healthy environment for the people of Kathmandu. Though the city has virtually turned into Dustmandu, the government has not taken any measure to control dust and air pollution in the city.
Similarly, the government unnecessarily meddled in the police organisation by trying to pick junior officer in the post of Inspector General of Police.
The government has failed to control corruption. Instead, it weakened the CIAA, the constitutional body designated to control corruption and abuse of authority. The CIAA is still without leadership after the court annulled the appointment of Lok Man Singh as its chief.
As such, the list of achievement unveiled recently had been nothing rather than a ploy to deceive the people.

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