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Foreign Minister Mahat forms new committee to formulate new foreign policy

By Our Reporter
Everyone knows well that the country’s foreign policy has weakened over the years, due mainly to the tendency of pleasing certain foreign powers prevalent in the leaders leading the government. Lack of proper foreign policy was also blamed for the poor performance in running the foreign policy.
Considering this, former foreign minister Mahendra Pandey had formed a committee to write a foreign policy about a year ago. Now, Foreign Minister Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat has formed a new task force to write the same.
According to sources at the Ministry, a 16-member high level committee was formed recently to review the country’s foreign policy in line with the changing global order.
According to the foreign ministry, the committee will suggest the government to chalk out country’s short-term, mid-term and long-term priorities to conduct its relationship with the neighborhood and the changing world.
The panel has four months to submit a report on the basis of directive principles of the state, policies, fundamental norms and values of foreign relations enshrined in Nepal’s constitution in order to fulfill core national interests.
Still  Divyopadhesh of Prithivi Narayan Shah the Great is significant to manage foreign policy of Nepal. However, the leaders of Republic Nepal have undermined the founder of the nation as well as his policy. As a result, our foreign policy has become like the crow of fog.
Even the foreign policy of the Panchayat days based on the principle of maintaining  equidistance with the immediate neighbours was more effective.  Today, the government has failed to maintainequidistance policy, as result the relations between Nepal and India has worsened in recent days.

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